A number of attractive and informative Technical Tours have been organised to complement the conference experience. These tours will visit sites and organisations of particular interest to delegates.

  Tuesday 30 May TT1 - Jätkäsaari, New Residential Area by the Sea
TT2 - Finnish Consulting Group, Innovation Studio of 3D City Models
TT3 - Clean Energy from the Depths of the Earth
  Wednesday 31 May TT4 - Finnish Geospatial Research Institute
TT5 - Design Factory at Aalto University - Place for Passion, Project and Problem Based Learning
TT6 - Kone Elevators
TT7 - FIG Commission 4 Technical Tour
  Thursday 1 June TT8 - Icebreaker Visit
TT9 - Visit to the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS)
TT10 - West Metro: 13 New Stations, 21 Kilometres

The Technical Tours cost 30 EUR and will depart from the Messukeskus at 13.30.


TT1 - Jätkäsaari, New Residential Area by the Sea

Helsinki is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. When new residential areas will be built both social and ecological sustainability are strategic objectives just like issues concerning compact urban structure.

Jätkäsaari is one of the biggest construction sites in Helsinki metropolitan area at the moment, and it will be built as a part of old downtown area. Former harbor area will populate 18 000 inhabitants and there will be 6000 workplaces. The busiest passenger harbor in Europe and outstanding public transportation make the area most international and perfect site for business world. At the moment there is going on construction work for building 1800 apartments.

Contents of the excursion

TT2 - Finnish Consulting Group, Innovation Studio of 3D City Models

FCG is a multi-expertise company that provides services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in multidisciplinary training and in developing public services. The company’s clients represent a broad range of private and public sector organisations.

TT3 - Clean Energy from the Depths of the Earth

The Finnish energy company St1 is drilling seven kilometres into the bedrock of Espoo - deeper than ever before in Finland. The goal of St1 Deep Heat is to build Finland’s first industrial scale heat plant running on geothermal energy. Energy company Fortum will act as a partner and buy the energy for Espoo’s district heating network.

St1 already has experience on sustainably produced energy, and geothermal heat is a natural next step. The process where geothermal heat is extracted is fairly simple. Process begins when two 7-km-deep holes are drilled into the crust of the Earth. Water is fed down to the bedrock where its temperature will rise due to geothermal heat. The hot water will rise up, and the heat will be entered into district heating network. A complete plant should produce as much as 40 megawatts of energy.

The challenge of the project is Finland’s hard bedrock and a specially manufactured drill is needed to get through. Still it takes months to drill a 7-km-deep hole. The heat plant itself will be completed in 2017, and it is planned to cover 10% of the district heating needed in Espoo. If the pilot succeeds the technology can also be taken into use elsewhere in the Nordic countries.  


TT4 - Finnish Geospatial Research Institute

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) is a research and expert institute at the National Land Survey that carries out research and development for spatial data infrastructures.

The FGI provides a scientific basis for Finnish maps, geospatial information and positioning, carries out research and development on methods for the measurements, data acquisition, processing and exploiting of geospatial information and co-operates with industry, universities and governmental organisations nationally and internationally.

TT5 - Design Factory at Aalto University - Place for Passion, Project and Problem Based Learning

Aalto Design Factory was born from a research project focused on creating an ideal physical and mental working environment for product developers and researchers. Today ADF is one of the spearhead projects and one of the first physical manifestations of Aalto University encouraging and enabling fruitful interaction between students, researchers, and professional practitioners.

Graduating university students are expected to utilize their disciplinary knowledge effectively in increasingly complex and interdisciplinary environments. They need to step out of their disciplinary silos to efficiently collaborate with people representing a multitude of disciplines and cultures, as well as to adopt a holistic view to confront the challenges presented by the working life.

Design Factory brings together researchers from different disciplines together to explore design, development, and innovation from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives and with diverse methodological approaches. Inside ADF you can find in-house researchers supporting the development of the ADF platform, the research group MIND, and a bunch of both visiting and more permanent individual researchers.
Design Factory activities have spread around the globe! Design Factory Global Network members operate based on the same philosophy and principles and provide familiar DF-environment for their local community. The goal is to be the leader in international university collaboration beyond academic boundaries.

Urban Mill is a space, a community and a service situated in at the heart of Aalto University campus in Espoo Innovation Garden, Finland.

Urban Mill brings together important actors to help solve wicked problems of urban life. It shows how the built environment can be planned and designed based on actual use. It is a hub with the theme of developing new digitally-enabled service concepts. Urban Mill builds long-term collaboration through new solutions that are tested rapidly and flexibly.
Urban Mill brings urban developers together with residents and other users of the urban environment. Public and private sector institutions, researchers, new entrepreneurs and students have a place to share ideas with the users of the built environment. Urban Mill is a venue for events and a smart co-working space for entrepreneurs and developers. Our partners exhibit results both physically and virtually. Simultaneously, Urban Mill is an innovation accelerator that is connected to other spaces needed by our community.

TT6 - Kone Elevators

Max. attendees: 30

Our job is to make the best of the world’s cities, buildings and public spaces, because we believe that cities are part of the solution for a better future. At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for modernization and maintenance to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. Our equipment moves over 1 billion users each day, with over 1 million elevators and escalators in our service base.

Our key customers are builders, building owners, facility managers, and developers. In addition, architects,authorities, and consultants are key parties in the decision-making process regarding elevators and escalators.

TT7 - Commission 4 Technical Tour

A visit is being arranged to a very interesting venue in Helsinki that will provide some insight to the activities of the Finnish in marine, maritime and hydrographic sectors. More details will be released once available and you will be offered the chance to confirm you wish to join the tour at that time.


TT8 Icebreaker Visit

Arctia is a Finnish state-owned company responsible for operating the Finnish Icebreaker fleet. We will get a guided on board one of the icebreakers in the icebreaker base. Arctia's icebreakers ensure the reliability and safety of shipping lanes on Finland's coastal waters in the winter. Assisted by Arctia's icebreakers, merchant vessels can sail safely and reliably, regardless of the ice conditions. Arctia’s icebreaking expertise is based on modern specialised vessels and expert crews with years of experience in winter navigation.

TT9 - Visit to the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS)

Technical tour to the National Land Survey of Finland. The NLS has developed digital processes for many years and now all work-flows has been digitalized. The NLS takes care of landregister and cadaster and also small scale mapping.

Visit to the NLS includes presentations of digital processes in cadastral work and the development in the future.

TT10 - West metro: 13 new stations, 21 kilometres

The so-called west metro project is the biggest infrastructure project in Finland. In the first phase, there is eight new stations, and five more will be included in the second phase. The metro will operate on a rail line of 21 kilometres underground in two parallel tunnels. The entire metro line runs through a rock tunnel.

The site visit to second phase metro station/tunnels:
Visitors will see an underground metro station as it looks like in drilling and blasting phase. On the second phase the metro tunnel and station excavation started at the end of 2014 and continues until the beginning of 2018. The site visit location will be defined later.