FIG Commission 2

Report for the 23rd General Assembly FIG Working Week in Prague, 22-26 May 2000

1. Working Groups

The Working groups of Commission 2 have had the following activities since Sun City: Work done for the Working Week in Praque Presentations in Prague:

WG 2.1 Management skills, professional competencies and CPD policies, Chair: Chris Hoogsteden (New Zealand)

WG 2.2 Virtual academy -distance learning, Chair: Henrik Haggrén (Finland)

WG 2.3 University curricula -content competencies, trends and assessments, Chair: Jud Rouch (USA)

WG 2.4 Surveying students, Chair: Pedro Cavero (Spain)

Meetings in Prague:

We have prepared the following meetings, which will take place in Prague:

2. Surveying Education Database

Some work has been done for the development of the FIG Surveying Education Database. Finally the FIG office took the responsibility of the practical efforts to get the SEDB to Internet use. The SEDB is now available on the FIG home page The SEDB will be presented at the General Assembly in Prague and the universities and institutions on the database will receive their access code and password to update their information during the spring.

3. Newsletters and other media

Two newsletters have been distributed after Sun City (September 1999 and February 2000. Newsletters are also available on Commission 2 Web site as well as other information about Commission 2. The web site of Commission 2 has been updated in March 2000. Address to the web site is

4. Workshops in Argentina and Malta

Commission work was discussed during the ACCO meeting in Copenhagen by Commission Chair Kirsi Virrantaus and Vice-Chair Pedro Cavero). After the Working Week in Prague the next big effort is the realization of Commission 2 Workshop in Rosario, Argentina. This Workshop will take place 18-20 October 2000. The call for papers is delivered for the workshop. The main organizers come from Argentina, but all papers go through Commission.

Commission 2 has also been preparing some presentations for the Seminar in Malta, 18-21 September 2000.

5. Publications

Morgan, P., Hodgkinson, R. ,Enemark, S., Quality Assurance in Surveying Education, FIG Commission 2 Working Group on Quality Assurance, FIG Publication no19, September 1999.

Prof. Kirsi Virrantaus

Chair, FIG Commission 2, Professional Education E-mail

3 March 2000

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