FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Lessons Learnt from the Emerging Land Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

by Peter Dale and Richard Baldwin

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This paper reports on the findings of a study into land markets in central and eastern Europe carried out under the Action for Co-operation in the field of Economics (ACE) programme of the European Union (EU) which was carried out during 1997 and completed in the first part of 1998. It examines progress in six countries en route from a command driven economy to a market based economy that is compatible with the requirements of membership of the European Union. The investigation involved detailed case studies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and sought to identify those elements that are necessary for an effective and efficient land market. This led to the establishment of a three pillar model of the land market and a set of indicators for the assessment of land market development. The paper tries to identify the bottlenecks that may hinder land market development and summarises the findings of the comparative assessment in the study countries and their progress to reform. Finally, it makes a series of policy level recommendations aimed at the establishment of stable, efficient land markets able to support general economic development and the anticipated needs of EU entry.

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