FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Reorganisation of the Surveying System in the Eastern Part of Germany after Reunification - Examples and Outlook

by Klaus Kummer 

Key words: real estate cadastre, state survey, organization, training, further training.


1. Introduction

According to the socio-political situation in the GDR the official surveying was in a subordinate position. As a matter of fact the government was not interested in title registration of owners put down in the real estate cadastre and in the property register. The fundamental geodetic survey together with the official geodetic reference systems on one hand and the geotopography with the national topographic map series on the other hand were of no social and public significance because of their degree of secrecy. Therefore the quality assurance of official abstract of title was neglected in favour of other priorities. Another result was that the utilisation of national topographic maps was not controlled consequently enough because of their lack of intensive public and private practice-orientated use. While engineering surveys and military surveying could develop well, real estate cadastre and state survey had to be totally reorganised and rebuilt after reunification. The enormous requirements of qualified personnel were not available for this task.

2. Fields of Reorganization 

Beside the complete renewal of real estate cadastre in terms of quality and its simultaneous changeover to automatic running, the official topography and cartography were to set up a new foundation, to open for general usage and to extend to a digitally kept geotopographic base information system. In the fundamental geodetic survey new reference systems based on modern satellite-assisted positioning and navigation procedures had to be created. Main focus is also on training and further training because of a board reform of organisation in this field. The complete rebuilding process of official surveying will be presented with the help of assurance components of several kind, e.g. components for professional, reorganizational and staff quality assurance in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.

3. Components for Professional Quality Assurance

Apart from the fact that the original of land tax register had to be changed into automated keeping, the cadastrial map with 90.000 map sheets at the scale 1:1000 had to be renewed completely. After a cadastre-photogrammetic area-wide photo flight over the region, the new cadastral map with approximately 3 million plots and a totally updated holding of buildings will be digitally available in the year 2002. Within a short time the cadastral measures and computations will be scanned by analogue field sheets and organised by a document administration system. The cadastral surveying is to be done resistant to modification in surveying co-ordinate systems. These systems work independently from any reference systems. Presently there are 40.000 fixed points of horizontal control network that are going to be replaced by modern satellite-assisted procedures. The state Saxony-Anhalt has been covered area-wide by 18 satellite reference units (distance 30 to 50 km) which give their data permanently to the receiving stations. Concerning the national topographic map series the changeover to digital keeping has been completed at the base scale range of 1:10.000. Today main focus is on developing an integrated geotopographic basic information system.

4. Components for Re-organizational Quality Assurance

The official surveying in Saxony-Anhalt is structured as a slim two-stage administration with altogether 3.000 employees. There we have only 13 large efficient working local authorities. Methods like on-site competence and self-control had to be optimised to make the principle of quality assurance more effective. Because of a short-decision-process the services of official surveying is fast and user friendly. To carry out cadastral surveying, 65 land surveyors received an additional qualification and passed a specific examination. After that they were able to get a registration as authorised Registered Land Surveyors with a quality obligation relating to professional law.

5. Components for Staff Quality Assurance

In order to remedy the deficiency of qualified personnel - never existing before to such an extent - the official surveying started a state-run training campaign. Within the last few years after reunification more than 1.700 land surveyors and surveying technicians received a special training in the state Saxony-Anhalt (a territory of 25 to 30% of the Czech Republic). To meet the requirements of quality assurance the personnel of official surveying is further trained in special courses at state’s universities. These courses are offered additionally to general available training opportunities in the scope of training programs - accompanying profession like „Berufliche Weiterbildung BWB" (Continuing Professional Development, CPD) of „Deutscher Verein für Vermessungswesen DVW". This exclusive program contains 10 different events per year, each lasting for several days. The achievement quote per year of further training (further training event / complete personnel) of the state’s official surveying administration amounts more than 80% by now.

6. Conclusion and Outlook

Today the official surveying in the Eastern states of Germany has reached West German standards. And shows a high level of quality assurance. Main focus of professional development referring to official surveying of every federal state in Germany is to merge all registers of real estate cadastre with official geotopography in order to have an integrated geographical geobase information system of the state. Redundant databases and previous covered discrepancies will be abolished systematically by the complete adjustment of registers. This is another module for the quality assurance system of German official surveying.

Professor Dr. Klaus Kummer
Ministerium des Innern des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt
Halberstädter Straße 2
D-39112 Magdeburg

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