FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Commission 7 and the Bathurst Declaration - The Joint Initiative with FAO on the Multi-lingual Thesaurus

by Dr. Paul Munro-Faure

Key words: International Federation of Surveyors, United Nations, Co-operation, Multilingual thesaurus.


One of the most significant developments in the recent history of the FIG has been its promotion of and support for the work of the United Nations in the global surveying community. The Bathurst Declaration and subsequent Round Table discussions between FIG and five United Nationsí and various bilateral agencies in Melbourne in October 1999 are the most recent high-level evidence of this intention.

The Declaration and Round Table have identified in particular a set of areas which the Commissions, including Commission 7, are well placed to provide input into. Commission 7ís workplan, agreed in 1998 in Brighton, already picks up on several of these key areas.

This paper reviews the Commissionís contribution to date in the fields of its three main Working Groups into the cadastre (chaired by JŁrg Kaufmann of Switzerland), man-land relations (Paul van der Molen, the Netherlands), and land markets (Andras Ossko, Hungary). The paper also points to new initiatives within the Commission, and in particular the co-operation with the United Nationís Food and Agriculture Organisation in preparing the English version of the Multi-lingual Dictionary on Land related issues.

Dr Paul Munro-Faure
20 Butt Street
Glos GL6 9JS

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