FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Quality Awards & Surveyors 

by Prof. John Parker

Key words: Quality, Awards, Survey. 


1. Introduction

For sometime now many survey organisations have recognised the benefits of a formal approach to quality. Some have sought certification for QA through the ISO 9000 series, others have implemented quality systems and embraced a total quality management philosophy.

Many countries have a Quality Award or Prize which acknowledge outstanding achievements in organisation-wide implementation of the Quality culture and is designed to encourage organisations to pursue internationally competitive levels of performance by identifying organisations that do so and recognizing them as "benchmarks" of performance.

How to achieve such an award is time consuming and can be costly, though the end result is usually well worth while.

2. History

It is proposed that a Survey Quality Award should be considered as a step towards the Quality Awards mentioned above. The whole process could be a series of steps starting with:

  • Acquiring an understanding of Quality - Level 1
  • Starting to implement a quality plan - Level 2
  • Implementation in detail - Level 3
  • The Survey Quality Award - Level 4
  • The Country/Region Quality Award/Prize - Level 5

The first 3 steps can be largely undertaken as a self assessment based on nominated criteria and scores.

Any organisation undertaking a self assessment, at whatever stage it may be at in its evolution, will benefit. Not only will it highlight the positive aspects of the organisation, but it will show up areas where improvement can occur to make the organization one that will provide an ongoing quality service to its customers.

3. Conclusion

What is your organisation doing to respond to the accelerating rate of change affecting every organisation around the world? What are you doing to anticipate or influence what the market place will require of your organisation in the future? How can you assess your organisationís performance?

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