Academic Degrees in Surveying in Finland

The basic Finnish university degree in surveying is the Master's degree. Only the Helsinki University of Technology has the full program for that degree in surveying. A total of 180 credit units (1 credit unit = 1 "full-time study week") is required for it, divided into required and optional courses in general and basic studies, studies leading to specializations, at least two fields of specialization, practical training, and a M.Sc. thesis. The average duration is six years. Since 2001 the Institute has two specializations to offer: Geomatics and Real Estate Economics. Beyond the M.Sc. degree one can study for the Licentiate of Technology degree (a sort of junior doctorate), and upon a successful defense of dissertation one may be awarded a Doctorate of Technology.

Helsinki University of Technology
Department of Surveying

Head: Prof. Kauko Viitanen 
Address: Otakaari 1
P.O. Box 1200
FIN-02015 TKK
Tel: + 358 9 451 3870 
Fax: + 358 9 465 077 
Number of Academic 
Teaching and 
Research Staff:
(Full Time/Part Time)
(Year: Entered/Graduated)
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