Dear colleagues and friends,

Even though we are still dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, we want to look forward and to ensure we have an opportunity to meet. FIG and the Dutch Local Organizing Committee are happy to welcome you again for the FIG Working Week 2021. Some of you may think, “but was it not Ghana this year”? You are right, but the Ghanaian local organizers have generously offered the Dutch to take over the Working Week in 2021.

FIG Working Week 2021 will be different. We face the challenge to take the impact of the global pandemic into account including all its uncertainties. In November 2020 it became clear to us that we would not be able to meet in person in June 2021, and the Working Week was transformed into the FIG e-Working Week… This unique event is shaping up and the registration fee has now been settled. Since the event will be virtual, the fees will be significantly lower than at our regular FIG Working Weeks. The early bird rate has been settled to only 100 EUR, and for this low fee you will get more or less the full conference experience: with possibilities to make meaningful connections with our sponsors, attendees and speakers, as well as attend sessions designed to be interesting, innovative and engaging.

This is what you can expect during the FIG e-Working Week 2021, from Sunday 20 to Friday 25 of June.

From FIG2020 towards FIG2020+1

In 2016 the Netherlands won the bid to organize the Working Week 2020 in Amsterdam but was cancelled due the world wide COVID-19 outbreak. Our first priority was, and still is, the safety of our participants, sponsors, organizers and all the related guests and parties.

Recognising all the effort and valuable contributions of the past year and work of authors, commissions FIG, Local Organising Committee and all related parties there where articles prepared to highlight subjects what should have brought to you in Amsterdam during the FIG Working Week 2020. It was a hectic time and for us it was important to share the valuable contributions of the FIG Working Week, therefore we organized and alternative FIG2020 Working (from home) Week.

Around that time the FIG, Council and the Local Organizing Committee received a generous offer from the local organizers of the Working Week 2021 from Ghana to organize the Working Week 2021 in the Netherlands.  


The theme for FIG Working Week 2021 will be the same as for FIG2020:

“Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management
- challenges in a new reality

- with an addition to also to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on our profession. During FIG e-Working Week 2021 besides the subthemes Smart Surveyors, Integrated Land and Water Management and FIG, Surveyors and the SDG’s, we want to also focus on the surveyor and the challenges they have in a unstable, uncertain, unpredictable world and with what technology, methods and procedures they face these new developments. How do surveyors adapt to these unexpected circumstances and what have we learned so far from these challenges?

With Smart Surveyor for Land and Water Management we stand still by the knowledge of the Dutch. Over almost 200 years of experience with mapping and more than 100 years of land consolidation, mapping and surveying are almost basic activities within the Netherlands to support the management of land and water. Apart from being known for its tulips, wind mills and clogs, with its almost 42,000 km2 the Netherlands is one of the most surveyed area in the world. Every square meter is mapped, registered and documents and it has to be, being densely populated, with more than 55% of the total country below sea level and being the second exporter of agricultural goods in the world.

Even though it will be a short year to prepare an event, we hope that you stay in good health and that we can welcome you June 2021!  

Welcome by Paula Dijkstra
Co-Conference Director FIG 2021