Date: Saturday 10 - Sunday 11 September

Within the past years, a lot of things have changed in our world, ushering us into a new reality. Especially now there is an urgent need for involvement and cooperation of young surveyors from the wide spectrum of the surveying profession to shape a better future for our communities.

Reverting to an in-person event in September 2022, the FIG Young Surveyors Conference will, this year, it will focus on “Volunteering for the Future: Smart Surveyors for Social Good” to recognise the role of young surveyors in pushing the frontiers of the surveying profession through volunteering, playing a vital role in society. The push of smarter technologies continually expands the surveyor’s toolbox allowing for the leveraging of these technologies to meet the challenges of our times

The 7th Young Surveyors Conference (7YSC) is a two-day conference, held in Warsaw, that will provide an opportunity for young surveyors from different cultures, countries, academic qualifications, and professional backgrounds to meet, learn from each other, and discuss the integral role of young surveyors in the realisation of social good. After two previous Young Surveyors Conferences held online, this year we finally have the opportunity of seeing and connecting with each other in person. It will also be a good occasion to explore the city of Warsaw, discover Polish culture and enjoy the time spent with friends from all over the world, creating life lasting memories.

FIG Young Surveyors Network
Kwabena Asiama, Chair
Ferah Köksal, Vice Chair (Administration)
Wioleta Krupowicz, LOC Representative

Programme - Session descriptions

Saturday 10 September 2022

8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Opening Ceremony

The 7th FIG Young Surveyors Conference will be kicked-off with a welcome from the representatives of the SKO, FIG, FIG Foundation, CLGE, and FIG Young Surveyors Network. This is your opportunity to get to know our supporters, delegates and representatives.

  • Diane Dumashie, FIG Vice President
  • Bakula Krzysztof, XVII FIG Congress Co-Director/Vice President, SKO
  • John Hohol, FIG Foundation
  • Kwabena Obeng Asiama, Ferah Köksal and Wioleta Krupowicz, FIG Young Surveyors Network.
10.00-10.30 Coffee Break and Get to know your fellow YS
After all, it’s not every day that we will see such an amazing group of YS changing the world for the better, all in one room. Be there to find something you have in common and meet as many YS as you can! And to remember this day, we invite you to join us for a group photo.
10.30-11.30 Volunteering for the Future: Smart Surveyors for Social Good
  Join our keynote speakers as they take you on a journey through the theme of the conference. The speakers will share their knowledge and experiences, relating to three aspects of the theme - volunteering, smart surveyors, and social good.

Chair: Shirley Chapunza, Zimbabwe

Smart Surveyors for Social Good - Bryn Fosburgh (Senior Vice President, Trimble Inc.)

Geospatial data driven asset management and monitoring. Should surveyors be afraid of artificial intelligence? - Prof. Tomasz Owerko (AGH University of Science and Technology) 

The Continuing Challenges facing the Surveying Profession - Craig Hill (Vice President, Marketing and Services, Leica Geosystems)

11.30-12.00 What did they do?
  The past two years have seen little face to face interactions. However, being resilient in changing times, young surveyors were able to find ways of contributing to their society, in their own way. In this session, we will hear from young surveyors globally about their activities over the pandemic. Learn how others adapted to the new normal, learn from other countries and above all: get inspired to get involved within the Network or to create your own Network in your country.

A COVID-19 Hub for Zimbabwe - Kumbirai Matingo (Zimbabwe) (Paper: 11386)

The Young Surveyors North American Network - Jacob Heck (USA)

The Young Surveyors African Network - Shirley Chapunza (Zimbabwe)

12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Expanding the Surveyor's Toolbox in a New World
  New technologies and research insights have provided a unique view about how our profession can change in times of a global pandemic. Join this session to learn about the power of geo-information, insights from research, Start-Ups as well as new technologies, which are or will be used widely in the near future, geared towards social good.

Chair: Charles Atakora, Germany  

System thinking for sustainability development - Katarzyna Rędzińska (Warsaw University of Technology)

The SfM-TLS feature-based point cloud registration - Jakub Markiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology)  

14.00-15.00 Panel Discussion: Building Relationships and Securing the Future of Young Surveyors; The VCSP Perspective
  The VCSP will take its turn with a panel discussion to discuss the role and responsibilities of young surveyors in addressing emerging challenges within the surveying and land administration sector. The discussion will explain to participants how the VCSP has engaged tenure security and mentorship. It will also help participants understand how they can get involved in addressing tenure security challenges and mentoring.
15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
15.30-17.00 Agents of Change in a Disrupted World
  This parallel workshop session will afford the opportunity to join a workshop of their choice. The workshop coordinators will share topics related to the conference theme with the group. With outlined goals, questions posed, and challenges thrown, the workshop group attendees will work together to profer solutions to challenge the status quo.

The Leica AP20 AutoPole Competition - Craig Hill (Vice President Marketing and Services, Leica Geosystems)

The Skysnap Corner - Łukasz Czerwiński  (CEO, Skysnap)

The Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme - VCSP

17.00-17.30 Wrap-up and Closing
20.00-22.30 Cultural Evening
Join us for a tour and a traditional Polish dinner in Polish Vodka Museum, especially sponsored by Leica Geosystems. You will also have an opportunity to taste Polish vodka, which for centuries has accompanied Poles during the important moment’s celebration. It is also one of the inherent, world-wide known, elements of Polish culture. Here participants will experience not only the culture of Poland, but also have an extra occasion to chat with the speakers, along with our sponsors and partners.

Sunday 11 September 2022

9.00-10.30 Future of the Network
The 7YSC has so far focused on the theme of the conference, Volunteering for the Future: Smart Surveyors for Social Good. In this session, the focus will be turned to the future of our network. Is our network fit for the future? How do we have to evolve as a network for the next term? How can we be responsive to the changing nature of our profession and keep relevant?
Join us in planning #ToInfinityAndBeyond!
10.30-11.00 Wrap-up and Closing
11.00-12.00 Charity Event
  The charity dance will be led by the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Warsaw University of Technology. The Artistic Director of the Ensemble, Mr. Jaroslaw Wojciechowski, along with one of the couples will lead the learning of polonaise and krakowiak, with live accompaniment performed by their pianist Krzysztof Kozlowski.
The proceeds from the Charity event will go to the FIG YSN’s Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme, and the FIG Foundation. This year’s Charity Dance is sponsored by Trimble Inc.!

13.00-15.00 Lunch and Field Game
  After the two day conference of discussing the future of our profession and our planet, the afternoon of Day 2 will have a Geo-oriented field. The Field Game will take place at Palace's Gardens area in Wilanow. Game will focus on Geo puzzles, riddles and azimuth searching with maps. It will also contain knowledge about local landmarks - a small dose of Polish culture. During the game the players will go through whole gardens. Join us as we use maps, local landmarks, and local knowledge, to learn about our surroundings. Last thing during the event will be lunch in one of the restaurants.

Young Surveyors Conference Sponsors