Scientific Workshop on Uncertainty and Quality of Multi-Sensor Systems

Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 2023

The combination of different sensors in static (e.g. monitoring) and dynamic (e.g. kinematic data acquisition) environments is a typical task in engineering geodesy and surveying. This covers sensors combined in one instrument (e.g. in terrestrial laser scanners or total stations) as well as measurement systems combing different sensors or instruments for integrated solutions (e.g.  Static GNSS Monitoring  Arrays or Mobile Mapping).

The complexity of multi-sensor systems has to take into account a variety of random and systematic influences. There is an obvious need for new sensor models and calibration procedures to reduce or even eliminate errors and influences. Typical uncertainty modelling approaches are variance-covariance propagation, Monte Carlo simulation, Bayesian statistics, Fuzzy approaches or interval mathematics. In addition, quality characteristics as correctness, reliability, completeness, robustness, integrity or availability may play a role. These may be seen as stand-alone quality aspects or as parts of a complete quality model.

Theoretical and numerical developments as well as state-of-the-art best-practise examples (monitoring surveys: GNSS and total stations, terrestrial laser scanning, point-wise and area-wise monitoring, kinematic positioning, sensor fusion, mobile mapping) may be presented at the workshop.

The workshop addresses all colleagues active in research and development of multi-sensor systems, but also practitioners who are willing to get newest information on the described research domain.

The workshop will live from your contributions resulting from this call-for-papers dedicated to the above mentioned topics and integrated into the call-for-papers of FIG Working Week. Invited speakers will supplement it.


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