Date: Saturday 18 May
Time: 9:00-17:30
Venue: Odwira, First Floor, La Palm Conference
Fee: SOLD OUT (no-shows will be charged 80 USD)
Maximum: 30 Participants (confirmation by payment, first-come-first)

Globally, guiding principles (like IGIF and FELA), methods (like Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration), and standards (like LADM) are available for setting up, maintaining, and developing land administration systems. Many existing systems today are based on historical procedures and older technologies.

Systems are often heavily customized and are generally lacking adaptability, flexibility, and scalability to meet new requirements.  Organizations face challenges as they strive to deliver efficient and effective work processes. This includes providing internal and external services, ensuring high security of land information, and its ability for cost recovery.  

In this limited-space workshop, attendees will learn about the Parcel Fabric data model and how to extend it for their data migration. Once data is migrated, the focus will shift to common record-driven and quality-driven workflows. Attendees can bring their own laptops and perform exercises using ArcGIS Pro (instructions will be sent prior to the workshop).

The Parcel Fabric is designed for any organization that manages cadastral records. It is LADM conformant and can accommodate data collected using fit-for-purpose methodology or from traditional sources.



  • The ArcGIS Parcel Fabric information model and how to extend it for your organization
  • LADM – mapping the parcel fabric to LADM
  • Data migration to the parcel fabric
  • Record-Driven workflows and parcel lineage
  • Quality-Driven workflows to evaluate and improve data quality
  • Modern implementation patterns that use service-oriented architecture (SOA) and versioning to support multi-user, concurrent editing
  • Using and configuring Tasks for your repeatable workflows
  • The latest software trends and roadmap


  • Cadastral agencies who need to modernize their current system
  • GIS professionals who collect and maintain cadastral records
  •  Consultants who collect business requirements and implement land administration systems
  • Selected students from Land Administration programs


  • Notebook: slides will be made available, but you might want to keep your own notes
  • ArcGIS Pro: if you want to perform the exercises during the workshop, you will need to bring your own laptop with ArcGIS Pro preinstalled.
    If you don’t have a license you can activate a free 21-day trial:
  • Data: We recommend using sample data that we will provide during the workshop. You can bring your own sample data (a few thousand parcels) as long as you know the spatial reference. Sample data can include polygons, boundary lines, survey tie lines (connection lines), points, and legal or survey documents used to maintain your parcels.



Registration and Setup


Common challenges and drivers to modernize your land administration system.


  • The Parcel Fabric information model
  • Extending the information model
  • Migrating data Project and map settings


Coffee Break and Get to know your fellow attendees


  • LADM and the parcel fabric


  • Introduction to record-driven workflows
  • Parcel lineage and historic parcels




  • Using Tasks for repeatable workflows
  • Configuring your own tasks


  • Introduction to quality-driven workflows
  • Importing and configuring attribute rules for data quality
  • Working with topology rules
  • Free and constrained weighted Least Squares Adjustment (LSA)
  • Finding and fixing common parcel issues


Coffee Break


  • Publishing a Parcel Fabric
  • Taking a Parcel Fabric offline
  • 4D cadastre and versioning
  • Automating parcel  creation from CAD files
  • Automating parcel resurvey from GNSS coordinate files

16:00 – 16:30

  • Q&A
  • Show me how to …(demos)

16:30 – 17:00

  • Parcel Fabric resources
  • Parcel Fabric road map


Wrap-up and Closing

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Brent Jones

Christine Leslie

Amir Bar-Maor

Katie Picket

Carsten Bjornsson