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"FIG Commission 7 is focusing on providing a discussion platform for ideas and tools to improve land tenure security around the world. Public-private partnerships in land administration and fit-for-purpose are topics of particular interest. "

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For the term 2019-2022 FIG Commission 7 will be working on:

For the full work plan, please visit Work Plan 2019-2022
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FIG Commission 7 Newsletter – 2nd quarter 2020

In this newsletter

  • 2020 virtual/online Commission 7 Annual meeting
  • The state of our industry: article and survey
  • GLTN urban-rural land linkage project consultation

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October 2020

With the theme: Building community resilience: Urban-rural land linkages and strategies to deal with COVID-19 FIG Commission 7 is organising a virtual annual meeting from 20-22 September 2020.

Please visit the website for more information and to register

FIG Working Week 2020 and FIG Commission 7

February 2020

Commission 7 is planning 14 sessions. See all sessions.


FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2020
19 October - , Online webinar

Building community resilience:
Urban-rural land linkages and strategies to deal with COVID-19

FIG Working Week 2021
21-25 June
Utrecht, the Netherlands

April 2020

Geospatial Mobile Application review - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

March 2020

Report to the General Assembly - Written report from FIG Comission 7

March 2020

Meet in Washington 18 March


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Meet the officers

Commission Chair

Mr. Daniel Paez, Australia
Land Specialist
Contact: FIGCommission7 [at]

Working Group Chairs:

Cadastre Technologies and Smart City (WG 7.1)
Bong Bae Jang, South Korea

Fit-for-purpose (FFP) implementation (WG 7.2)
Paula Dijkstra, the Netherlands

Cadastral Template 2.0 and the SDGs (WG 7.3)
Daniel Steudler, Switzerland

Urban Challenges (WG 7.4) - Joint Working Group with 8 and 9

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Delegates and Correspondents:

Each member association has the right to nominate a delegate to each of the ten technical commissions. In addition Affiliates, Academic Members and Corporate Members  are welcome to nominate a correspondent to each commission.

Interested? If you are interested to become a national delegate from your country, please contact your member association. The contact information of national delegates is updates by the FIG office. Any changes in contact information should be sent to the FIG Office.


This publication is the result of cooperation between the World Bank and the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) over recent years to address the issue of building and sustaining land administration systems that are basically fit-for-purpose rather than blindly complying with top-end technological solutions and rigid regulations for accuracy. Read the publication Many 3D Cadastral activities have been conducted during the past two decades: six FIG 3D Cadastres workshops, sessions at FIG working weeks and congresses, three special issues in international scientific journals, four terms of the joint commission 3 and commission 7 FIG Working Group on 3D Cadastres. Website
Cadastral Template 2.0 - a worldwide comparison af Cadastral Systems tool.
The cadastral template is based on a raster of 17 data fields, which would need to be filled in according to its specific description. You can find that description in the questionnaire.
The publication projects the trends and developed visions of what cadastral systems might be in 20 years' time (published 1998). Cadastre 2014 has received worldwide attention and has been translated into 28 languages.

Cadastre 2014 and beyond
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Working Groups

Term 2019-2022 

WG 7.1: Cadastre Technologies and Smart City
WG 7.2: Fit-for-purpose (FFP) implementation
WG 7.3: Cadastral Template 2.0 and the SDGs

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Cadastral Template

3D Cadastre

Cadastre 2014

FIG Pub. no 61: CADASTRE 2014 and Beyond

Pub: Cadaster 2014 - a vision for a future cadastral system


Newsletter - 2019

FIG Publications

FIG Pub. no. 72: Best Practices 3D Cadastres

FIG Pub. no. 60: Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration

FIG Pub. no. 52: The Social Tenure Domain Model - A Pro-Poor Land Tool

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Report, May 2020
Report, Hanoi, Vietnam. 2019
Report, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018
Report, Helsinki, Finland, 2017

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