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  31 May and 4 June 1999
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Appendix to item 14: Finance
1. Finance



1.1 During the period of the UK administration the management and auditing of FIG’s accounts are being undertaken by the RICS, which prepares a full set of audited accounts annually in accordance with the (UK) Companies Act. This accounting period runs from August to July. In order to avoid excessive accountancy fees and with the agreement of the Honorary Auditors, a consolidated set of FIG audited accounts will be provided for the complete period of the UK administration.

1.2 In the meantime, the FIG income and expenditure account for the calendar year 1998 is attached.

1.3 Income is invoiced and almost always received in Swiss francs; and is therefore shown in this currency in the accounts. With only one exception (see paragraph 4), expenditure is incurred and paid in sterling: it is therefore shown in that currency; and a corresponding Swiss franc equivalent is shown against each total amount.

1.4 The exception is commission grants, where the total figures represent the actual amount paid in Swiss francs and the sterling cost of that amount.

1.5 The consolidated figures (in Swiss francs) for the UK period of administration up to 31 December 1998 are as follows:

deficit shown in unaudited accounts for 1995


surplus shown in unaudited accounts for 1996


deficit c/f at 31 December 1996


pre-1997 subscriptions received in 1997


surplus b/f at 1 January 1997


gross surplus shown in unaudited accounts for 1997


less allowance for 1997 expenses to be included in 1998 accounts


surplus in unaudited accounts for 1997


surplus c/f at 31 December 1997


surplus shown in unaudited accounts for 1998


less allowance for 1998 expenses to be included in 1999 accounts


less FIG office start-up costs


surplus in unaudited accounts c/f at 31 December 1998


surplus c/f at 31 December 1998


pre-1999 subscriptions received by 31 March 19998


surplus b/f at 1 January 1999


1.6 Prior to taking over responsibility for the Bureau, and particularly from 1 August 1993, when Jane Woolley became solely involved in preparing for the UK administration of FIG, the RICS accumulated costs directly associated with FIG amounting to 70,963 (approximately Sw.frs. 149,000).

2.    UP-DATED BUDGET, 1999

An up-dated budget for the current year is also attached.

3. The General Assembly is invited to adopt the unaudited accounts for 1998 and to note the up-dated budget for 1999.

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