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The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is a confederation of Member associations, affiliates, academic members and companies, as well as two levels of honorary members. Through different membership categories 115 countries are represented in FIG. Take a look at the memberships categories below where you can see and meet the members of FIG:

Member Associations
National associations representing one or more of the disciplines of surveying. In June 2023 there are 95 member associations from 81 countries.

Academic Members
Organisations, institutions or agencies which promote education or research in one or more of the disciplines of surveying (84 academic members in June 2023).
Affiliate Members
Groups of surveyors or surveying organizations undertaking professional activities but not fulfilling the criteria for member associations (42 affiliate members in June 2023 from 41 countries).
  Corporate Members 
Organisations, institutions or agencies which provide commercial services related to the profession of surveyor (21 Corporate members in June 2023).
An individual may be appointed to correspondent in a country where no association or group of surveyors exists that is eligible to join FIG as a member association or affiliate (5 correspondents in October 2022).

FIG has three levels of honorary membership:
Honorary Presidents
Past presidents who have rendered outstanding service to the Federation during their period of office.
Honorary Members
Individuals who have materially assisted the development and promotion of the surveying profession at the international arena.
Honorary Ambassadors
Individuals, partners and other stakeholders who have materially assisted the development and promotion of FIG and the surveying profession.

Where a member organisation provides FIG with personal data on their staff, delegates, representatives, this is governed by the contract between FIG and the member, and the member is responsible for informing their contact that their personal data has been provided to FIG. See FIG Privacy Policy

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