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FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network Report from the Congress

7 May 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

As the FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network Chair a special forum on “Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network” was convened, and an invitation to participate in the United Nations Geodesy Sub-Committee on “Education Training and Capacity Building in Geodesy” forum as the FIG nominee was accepted .  As the titles suggest both forums were intrinsically linked with respect to geodetic capacity development activities and the plans for the future. The total number of the delegates at these forums was almost 60.

Although time was limited, there was some interesting discussions that occurred in each forum.  The dialogue by the participants was a result of “flash” but stimulating presentations, which were focused on topics such as -

Note - to view the presentations please navigate to the formal proceedings of both sessions that were held on Monday 7 May 2018 –

From the discussions a summary of the forums outcomes for the FIG General Assembly was prepared, and is as follows –

Recognising the global geospatial information challenges and trends, such as

Surveyors MUST enhance their capabilities to tackle these challenges.
To develop their capability Surveyors (and agencies) need to initially consider –

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Moving forward the FIG AP CDN, UN GGIM AP Working Group 1, and UN ETCB will prepare proposals to the relevant hosts to convene a –

FIG Working Week, April 22-26, 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. For more information, please visit

Finally a special highlight at the FIG Congress was the presentation of the “Pacific Geospatial Surveying Council 10 year Strategy – Positioning the Pacific Islands for the Future” to current FIG President Ms. Chryssy Potsiou, and the incoming FIG President Mr. Rudolf Staiger by the Fiji’s Surveyor General Mr Asakaia Tabua. To view the strategy please navigate to here

Rob Sarib
June 2018

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