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Reference Frames in Practice Manual - FIG Publication 64 2nd edition

June 2024

The original FIG Publication 64 was published in 2014. Now 10 years later much has happened in the field which has brought the Working Group 5.2 on Reference Frame together with the Chair of FIG Commission 5 on Positioning and Measurement, Ryan Keenan to publish this updated version of the publication.

FIG Commission 5 is responsible for assisting practising surveyors in FIG member associations to apply Positioning and Measurement technologies efficiently and effectively in their day-to-day survey activities. One of the most significant technologies to emerge in recent decades has been Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The rise of such a global technology has highlighted the need for countries to move from locally defined geodetic datums to more global datums based on the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.

This Commission 5 publication aims to better inform surveyors around reference frame topics and includes major updates on expanded GNSS constellations and international geodesy initiatives, helping them extend their professional knowledge.

The publication is edited by Ryan Keenan and Graeme Blick and is published in cooperation with the International GNSS Service (IGS) and United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Exccellence (UN-GGCE)

Contributing authors are: Graeme Blick (New Zealand), Nicholas Brown (Germany), Allison Craddock (United States), Nic Donnelly (New Zealand), Roger Fraser (Australia), Matt Higgins (Australia), Ryan Keenan (Australia), David Martin (France), Luibov Poshyvoila-Strube (Germany), Paul Rebischung (France), Chris Rizos (Australia), Daniel R. Roman (United States), Ryan Ruddick (Australia), Rob Sarib (Australia), Tomas Soler (United States), Richard Stanaway (Papua New Guinea), Neil D. Weston (United States).



Louise Friis-Hansen
June 2024

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