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FIG Council 2019-2022

FIG President Rudolf Staiger, Germany, was elected at the General Assembly in 2018 for the term 2019-20228. At the same time Vice Presidents Jixian Zhang, China PR, and Diane Dumashie, United Kingdom, 2019-2022 were elected. Already elected Vice Presidents are: Mikael Lilje, Sweden (2016-2020), and Orhan Ercan, Turkey (2016-2020) who were elected for the term 2013-2016.

Council 2019- 2020:

FIG Council during FIG Congress 2018. From left Rudolf Staiger (Germany), Jixian Zhang, (China PR) Chryssy Potsiou (Greece - President 2015-2018), Orhan Ercan (Turkey - also Co-Congress Director) Diane Dumashie (United Kingdom), and Mikael Lilje (Sweden)

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