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FIG Task Force on FIG Governance, 2019-22

 The FIG 2021 Governance Debate has now started!

Dear FIG Friends and Colleges

The FIG 2021 Governance Debate has now started!
And we invite you to start becoming involved by answering this short SWOT survey

do please:

Respond to this short 9 question survey here

Respond by 18th October so that we may use some of your good ideas in our first interim report

We are very much looking forward to engaging with you and Listen to your views! 


There are series of consultations planned over the next 18 months held between the FIG working weeks and also scheduling further discussion at our Working weeks in the form of participatory Round table discussion.   

A brief recap on what we discussed at the last FIG General Assembly…

I’d like to outline a ‘Road map of the debating dialogues over 18 months.   These include dialogues on areas that covers:

The Task Force core team has started to devise innovative and interactive conversations; but the first Stakeholder-wide dialogue to be rolled out at in October is on the topic:
Futures and Organisational Structure to meet Stakeholder Member’s Needs

Over the course of a 6 week period, engaging you and the entire membership Diane Dumashie and Pekka Halme will moderate this activity covering:

  1. Global Trending - Facts and challenges
  2. You and your needs from FIG
  3. Role of Professionals
  4. Overviewing past considerations
  5. SWOT analysis of FIG Governance framework

Please look out for further E news that will update you and our stakeholders on how to log into the interactive dialogue platform,

Regards, Diane on behalf of the core team

NB - Go to questionnaire:


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