The FIG Working Week has been cancelled. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and there are two overriding concerns that have caused us to make this decision at this time.

First, the Dutch Government announced new measurements to control the COVID-19 outbreak. In the Netherlands all gatherings are prohibited until 1 June.

Second, our primary concern is always the wellbeing of you, and we would not take on the responsibility, during these times, to bring so many surveyors from all over the world together.

We are sorry to inform you that we have cancelled the Social Tours.

If you have registered for the Working Week 2020 and for one (or more) social tour, we will inform you about your registration.

Please be patient, we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Social Tour


CANCELLED Full-day ST 1 - DELTA PARK € 130,00
CANCELLED (1/2) day ST 2 - BIKE TOUR € 90,00

ST 1 - Delta Park

Date: Saturday 9 May 2020
Duration: Full-day
Meeting point: TBA
Including: Bus transfer and entrance fee
Min and max. number of participants: 25 min. - 57 max.
Fee: € 130,00

The delta works are famous throughout the world. More than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level. The Delta Works were built to keep everyone safe and to prevent a recurrence of the 1953 flood disaster. You can relive history at Deltapark Neeltje Jans: from the flood disaster to the construction of the Delta Works, Exhibitions, films and a visit to the storm surge barrier itself will give you an impression of the stupendous power of water. People come to view the storm surge barrier from as far away as America. 

ST 2 - Bike Tour

Date: Tueday 12 May 2020
Time: (1/2) day
Meeting point: TBA
Including: Bus transfer, and bike tour with English speaking guide.
Min and max. number of participants: 25 min. - 57 max.
Fee: € 90,00

Can't get enough of the beautiful Dutch capital? Take the Amsterdam countryside tour and learn more about the city and its surroundings. 20 km in the spectacular Waterland district north of Amsterdam. Enjoy the fresh air and cycle along the beautiful Dutch landscape, which is truly a unique and enjoyable experience. Through ancient picturesque villages, along countless streams and waterways and across green meadows. The group is accompanied by an expert and experienced English-speaking guide who gives extensive information about the history and folklore of this neighborhood with its dikes and land reclaimed from the sea that is so characteristic of Holland.

ST 3 - Keukenhof & Delft Blue


The FIG and the local organizers selected this social tour with care. Unfortunately we had to decide to cancel this tour. Blooming at Keukenhof parallels that of nature. The crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and early tulips bloom at the beginning of the season. Larger tulips bloom later in the season. As the Netherlands has had a very mild and warm winter and the temperature is above average at the moment, we must inform you that by the time we have planned the Keukenhof-tour all flowers have bloomed and so Keukenhof is closed. Keukenhofs’ opening hours for this year is from 21 March to 10 May 2020. Our organized Social Tour is scheduled for Wednesday 15 May 2020.

The activity starts with a guided tour at the Keukenhof. The best day out among the flowers! There are more than 7 million bulbs in bloom this spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience. Besides the spacious, 32 hectares of flowers you can enjoy the spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique artwork and wonderful events. The day continues with a lunch at Restaurant De Waag. This restaurant is located in the city center of Delft and welcomes their guests with delicious dishes. After lunch, you will continue to Delft Blue. Our famous Dutch Blue porcelain travels all over the world as a souvenir from Holland. But where is this actually made? And how does it work? You will experience it yourself whilst visiting the Porceleyne fles, and while creating your own “Delfts Blue Tile”.

ST 4 - Rotterdam and Kinderdijk

Date: Friday 15 May 2020
Time: Full-day
Meeting point: TBA
Including: Bus transfer, guided tour
Min and max. number of participants: 25 min. - 57 max.
Fee: € 130,00

The activity starts in Rotterdam. When arriving here, you will start the architectural tour at the Cubical houses. The Kijk-Kubus Museum House is a furnished cube house in Rotterdam. The specially designed and custom-made custom furniture gives you a good impression of how to live in this special home with sloping walls. The tour continues to the Markthallen. The Markthal has about 100 fresh food stands, nearly 15 food shops and various restaurant. Here, you can have something to eat. After visiting the Markthallen the day continues to Kinderdijk. 742 Years of Dutch water management history. Experience the history of the struggle against the water! The windmills of Kinderdijk have kept the water at bay for centuries. Enjoy the inspiring windmill adventure full of spinning sails, the creaking of wooden machines, and real millers working to keep our feet dry. After the visit, you will return to Amsterdam.


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