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FIG Task Force on FIG Governance, 2019-22


The FIG 2021 Governance Debate - have you contributed?



Dear FIG Friends and Colleges

Our first survey in our Governance Debate is soon to close! Thank you to those that have responded to date.

  1. Do you have a finger on the pulse of our profession?
  2. Do you think our FIG organisation could be improved in the way we operate for the betterment of professionals and society given the global economy?
  3. Are we using the right communication channels between FIG members?

Take our Members Survey and tell us what you feel.

Respond to this short 9 question survey on the Strengths, weakness and opportunities of our present day organisation here
There will be more engagement and debate; but before we finalise the comments already received on our SWOT survey, we invite those who have not yet responded to click on the questionnaire to do so before 16 November 2019.

Respond by 16th November so that we may use some of your good ideas in our first interim report
We are very much looking forward to engaging with you and Listen to your views! 

NB - Go to questionnaire:

Best regards

Diane Dumashie and the Task Force Team