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12 May - Integrated land and water management

Today's theme of the FIG Working (from home) Week is Integrated land and water management. Without integrated land and water management, the Netherlands as also other coastal countries cannot sustain its agricultural and urban development. Climate change increases the risks of sea and riverine floods and extended drought periods and complicates this management task. Unorthodox measures are called for. The first article, written by Roel Luis, Marije Louwsma, Roelof Keppel, Rik Wouters, focuses on the Dutch story. The Netherlands have a long tradition in land and water management - it all started with dry feet. They still have dry feet...

The articles are followed by contributions from the FIG Commissions on Hydrography (Commission 4), Positioning and Measurement (Commission 5), Engineering Surveys (Commission 6) and FIG Capacity Development Networks: Africa and Asia and the Pacific. The chairs will highlight for you the hot-topics, the ground breaking research, and the hidden gems in the proceedings from the their respective perspectives.

Enjoy the articles.

Changed Perspective in Land and Water Management

It all started with dry feet. We have a long tradition in the Netherlands in our fight against water. Our main purpose for a long time was to make sure that our dikes and waterworks were strong and high enough to hold the water. What we have created in the past did a tremendous job. We still have dry feet.... But nowadays we take a broader view in water and land management. Read the article.

FIG Commission 4: Hydrography

Contribution of Hydrography towards Sustainable Water Management 

Mapping the Plastic is a key focus area for Commission 4. The effects of plastic pollution on the Earth’s oceans are well documented, potentially catastrophic and increasing exponentially year on year.
The Blue Economy is another important focus area as it provides a vital source of food and benefits from a host of industry sectors, technology and innovation. Read the article.

FIG Commission 5: Positioning and Measurement

Positioning the World for the Future

Seeking to develop the tools, techniques and procedures necessary to achieve the highest level of accuracy for a wide variety of surveying disciplines. Applications are developed and studied that can assist in all fields of hydrographic and engineering surveying. These applications also provide the geospatial detail needed to integrate land and water management. All of these efforts contribute to work on realizing five out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   Read the article.

FIG Commission 6: Engineering Surveys

Accuracy near, far, above or under. How is FIG Working Week 2020 contributing

The skills that engineering surveyors had to acquire in order to respond to the challenges of the construction world have made them capable, also, of fulfilling other challenges, several of which motivated by an awareness of the limitations of our planet. Engineering surveyors have learned that they need to push the equipment and techniques to its limits, while having recognized the necessity to integrate new techniques which can present more complete answers, without forgetting an important qualifier: accuracy. Read the article.

FIG Africa Capacity Development Network

The FIG Africa Regional Network - Developing capacity in Africa

The FIG Capacity Development Network (CDN) is playing a leading role in bringing regional member associations and academic members together using a networking approach. This is based on enhancing communication in the region and promoting the ideals of the FIG. Our Facebook site is the principal platform for communication. Please LIKE the Facebook page @FIGARN to stay connected. Read the article.

FIG Asia and the Pacific Capacity Development Network

The FIG Asia and the Pacific Regional Network

The FIG Asia Pacific Capcity Development Network (AP CDN), comprises of a group of dedicated individuals from our Commissions, the corporate sector, academic networks, and our sister organisations.  Our main outcomes are the development of the technical and soft capabilities of geodetic surveyors; the modernisation of a nation's geodetic datum and infrastructure; and preparing surveyors for the geospatial trends and challenges that lay ahead. Read the article.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters, we really do appreciate you being part - from the distance - of the FIG Working Week 2020!

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