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A Novel Method for the Visualization of Deformation Data (3829)

Alexander Reiterer, Peter Rautek and Eduard Groeller (Austria)
Dr. Alexander Reiterer
Univ. Ass.
Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics
Research Group Engineering Geodesy
Gusshausstr. 27-29 / E128-3
Corresponding author Dr. Alexander Reiterer (email: alexander.reiterer[at], tel.: + 43-1-58801-12845)

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Published on the web 2010-01-14
Received 2009-11-19 / Accepted 2010-01-14
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Congress 2010 in Sydney, Australia and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Congress 2010
ISBN 978-87-90907-87-7 ISSN 2308-3441


Modern deformation monitoring systems, such as laser scanner or image based tacheometer are producing a vast number of object points. One of the main problems concerning the analysis and interpretation of high density deformation measurements is the visualization of the data respectively of the underlying deformation. Most existing geodetic deformation visualization techniques are based on plotted displacement vectors or on a colour coded representation. Both methods are unsuitable for high density point clouds. In this paper a novel technique for the visualization of deformation data is presented – we call this technique caricaturistic visualization. The exaggeration of the deformation accents subtle deviations and supports the viewer in correctly interpretating of the underlying deformation. The paper at hand presents the new method for the visualization of deformation data, as well as some examples.
Keywords: Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; visualization; deformation data; image-based measurement system; point cloud