News in 2020

News in 2020

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Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2023-01-05

UN-Habitat-GLTN Partners Online-Meeting

session 5: International Professional Bodies cluster meeting

The 8th Partners Meeting was held online with "Tenure Security as a key element of COVID-19 response and impact on mitigation" as theme.



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-22

Successful side event on Fit for Purpose Land Administration Implementation

This GLTN Partners Meeting side event encouraged a good discussion on the use of FFP, STDM and other relevant tools for land administration



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-21

Publication: Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration for all

This report shows the importance of fostering strategic partnerships amongst all land sector stakeholders - government, private sector, NGOs, and academia. FIG e-Working Week will also cover this topic.



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-21

SURCON contributes to FIG and the SDGs

Key Note, Kabir MM, Registrar SURCON

Surveyors accross its membership in Nigeria were sharing the understanding of the SGs and how Surveyors skills can make our world a better place.



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-21

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2020

The Commission meeting was held online

FIG Commission 7 conducted its annual meeting in an online format in October. The Proceedings including recordings are now available.



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-21

VCSP Virtual Wisdom Workshop - Invitation

VCSP Wisdon Workshop

The FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program is excited to welcome applications to attend the January 2021 Wisdom Workshop - ‘Sustainable Solutions for Land Based Community Problems: Tools and Modern Approaches’, scheduled for 29-30 January online.



Created on 2020-12-21 | Last modified on 2020-12-22

UNESCO Recommendation on Open Sciences - consultation

We ask you to help UNESCO, FIG and The International Science Council (ISC) and give your input to the first draft of their Recommendation on Open Science.



Created on 2020-12-04 | Last modified on 2020-12-04

Open Consultation for the Valuation of Unregistered Land Manual

We ask you to take part in this consultation process which is open until 11 December 2020 and give your comments to the manual



Created on 2020-11-23 | Last modified on 2020-11-27

Watch two webinars on diversity and the SDG's

FIG Vice President Diane Dumashie attended two webinars on diversity in the profession and the the UN Habitat global Agenda "leave no one behind"



Created on 2020-11-18 | Last modified on 2020-11-23

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

Join the meeting! The theme of the conference is: Building community resilience: Urban-rural land linkages and strategies to deal with COVID-19. It is free for FIG Delegates and FIG Members and their members



Created on 2020-10-08 | Last modified on 2020-10-08

Dr Arthur L Allan: My FIG Journey

Dr. Artrhur L Allan, FIG Honorary Member

Dr Arthur L Allan Is FIG Honorary member and shares his FIG experiences and involvements with you in this story that he has written at an age of 90.



Created on 2020-09-28 | Last modified on 2020-09-30

Meet FIG at Intergeo

Intergeo Digital 2020

Intergeo goes digital! FIG is pleased to offer free expo tickets to our community. Intergeo is the world's largest event for mapping and surveying professionals and beyond.



Created on 2020-09-24 | Last modified on 2023-01-05

Call for nominations for Chairs Elects for the 10 FIG Commissions

The current Commission Chairs at the FIG Working Week 2019

All member associations are encouraged to consider if you have a qualified candidate. Read more about the nomination and the commissions.



Created on 2020-09-10 | Last modified on 2020-09-10

Opening of the 11th Training Summer School in Naples Italy

FIG President Rudolf Staiger, Maria Scorza and Enrico Rispoli connect with John Hohol, President of FIG Foundation

Despite COVID-19 challenges our Italian colleagues decided to hold this workshop including young colleagues and students from Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy.



Created on 2020-09-08 | Last modified on 2020-09-08

FIG and GLTN-International Professional Bodies Cluster activities

FIG, as cluster co-lead, is heavily involved in the GLTN cluster activities. This report gives you a short overview of the activities, aims and progress



Created on 2020-08-28 | Last modified on 2023-01-10

FIG Annual Review 2019

Join us in this review of some of all the many tasks, achievements and acitivites of FIG during 2019.



Created on 2020-08-28 | Last modified on 2020-08-28

The FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program is back!

FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program

VCSP is an innovative volunteer programme that intends to be a powerful driver for both social impact and professional development. The VCSP leverages on the skills, experience, talents and education of young surveyors and matches these competences with the needs of GLTN, particularly in GLTN’s county-level implementation plans and programmes. We are at the moment assembling a group of engaged young surveyors who will be interested in bringing the VCSP Forward.



Created on 2020-07-03 | Last modified on 2020-07-03

We need your input on FIG Governance - Member Consultation 2020

See the two videos

Watch the two video presentations with Key Issues that FIG Task Force on Governance would like your input to - participate now



Created on 2020-06-24 | Last modified on 2020-06-29

Land Consolidation Legislation - FAO Legal Guide and Its Application at Country Level

More than 550 people from across the world took the opportunity to attend the joint FIG and FAO webinar to learn about land consolidation, the legal framework, and its implementation at the country level



Created on 2020-06-22 | Last modified on 2020-06-22

Global land outlook (GLO2) - call for FIG representative on steering committee

Representatives of FIG Members can send a motivated expression of interest to represent FIG for the development of GLO2 - a strategic commun ications product of the UNCCD



Created on 2020-06-10 | Last modified on 2020-07-01

"FIG and Me" - New FIG Publication no. 75

"My Twenty Five Years in the International Surveying arena" is written by FIG Honorary President Earl James and tells his story from the years 1988-1996 as a surveyor with an international agenda and his time in FIG.



Created on 2020-06-09 | Last modified on 2020-06-10

FIG President's report 2020

FIG President Rudolf Staiger at the General Assembly 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Join FIG President Rudolf Staiger in this report of the activities of FIG during the past year. This report should have been presented at the FIG Working Week 2020.



Created on 2020-06-02 | Last modified on 2020-06-02

Webinar: e-Launch of the Guidelines for the formalization of informal constructions

Join FIG Honorary President Chryssy Potsiou in this e-Launch. The publication is a brief, practical and easy-to-read guide, explaining how to structure a program for the formalization of informal constructions.



Created on 2020-06-02 | Last modified on 2023-01-10

The future of our professional work - call to action

FIG Task Force on FIG Governance invites you to participate and share with us your own thinking and your material on the future of our professional work.



Created on 2020-05-29 | Last modified on 2020-06-01

Webinar: Land Consolidation

Join FIG, FAO and LandPortal on 18 June in this webinar on the FAO Legal Guide and its Application at the Country Level



Created on 2020-05-29 | Last modified on 2020-05-29

Habitat Professionals Forum Meeting and Statement on COVID-19

FIG Vice President Diane Dumashie attended the virtual Habitat Professionals Forum meeting in July where three Working Groups were established. The HPF statement on Covid-19 Pandemic builds upon a survey conducted amongst the Habitat Professionals Forum on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on achieving resilient human settlements



Created on 2020-05-28 | Last modified on 2020-12-08

FIG Working (from home) Week

Get a front row seat for FIG Working Week 2020. Join FIG and the Local Organisers in an article series on the Working Week theme and technical programme/proceedings.



Created on 2020-05-04 | Last modified on 2021-08-03

Share your COVID-19 experiences with GLTN


FIG has received a request from UN-Habitat-GLTN and encourages you to reply to GLTN.



Created on 2020-04-29 | Last modified on 2020-04-29

GhIS help fight against Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana

Ghana Institution of Surveyors Presentation at Jubilee House

Ghana Institution of Surveyors has developed a software that can detect and trace all persons who have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.GhIS presented a cheque of ¢50,000.00 towards the Covid-19 National Trust Fund.



Created on 2020-04-29 | Last modified on 2020-04-29

FIG Working Week 2020 +1

FIG Working Week 2020 in the Netherlands will be moved to 2021. The Ghanaian Local Organising Committe has generously offered that FIG Working Week 2021 can take place in the Netherlands.



Created on 2020-04-24 | Last modified on 2020-04-24

Aubrey Barker Fund/FIG Foundation Course Development Grant Recipient

Dr Trias Aditya

Grant recipient has been selected. Congratulations to Dr Trias Aditya, Indonesia for his interesting course project.



Created on 2020-04-24 | Last modified on 2020-04-29

Where to Start? A Guide to Land-Based Finance in Local Governance - New GLTN Publication

This new UN-Habitat / GTLN publication is a Guide that aims to expand the understanding of local leaders on taxes and fees related to land and the advantages of this approach.



Created on 2020-04-20 | Last modified on 2020-04-20

United Nations 10th session of the World Urban Forum (WUF10)

FIG Vice President Diane Dumashie represented FIG at the WUF10 with the theme: Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation



Created on 2020-04-14 | Last modified on 2020-08-20

FIG General Assembly 2020 has been cancelled and postponed to 2021

The agenda is however still available - have a look at the agenda items and reports



Created on 2020-03-27 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

Geomatics World asks FIG President about the Coronavirus crisis

Geomatics World Magazine asks how FIG is dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis - read Rudolf Staigers response



Created on 2020-03-25 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

FIG Working Week 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19

The Dutch organisers and FIG had looked very much forward to welcoming all to Amsterdam to what should have been the highlight of the year 2020



Created on 2020-03-25 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

Global Surveyors' Day - 21 March

Global Surveyors Day

21 March is Global Surveyors' Day and this is celebrated around the world. How will you be celebrating the day?



Created on 2020-03-11 | Last modified on 2020-09-07

Are you in Washington 18 March

FIG Commission 7 and UNGGIM Academic Network invites you to meet if you are travelling to Washington despite the cancellation of the World Bank Conference



Created on 2020-03-09 | Last modified on 2020-06-04

FIG President Staiger meets with the President of Nigeria and the President of the Senate

FIG and SURCON give award of excellence to the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari

Visit to FIG members SURCON, NIS and NIQS included induction ceremony of 344 new registered surveyors, meeting with the President of Nigeria, President of the Senate and a visit to the French Embassy to discuss visa applications for Amsterdam.



Created on 2020-02-28 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

Winning the fight against Corruption in the Land Sector: Sustainable Pathway for Africa’s Transformation

Vice President Diane Dumashie attends the United Nations Conference on Land Policy in Africa, CLPA-2019 25-29 November 2019 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.



Created on 2020-02-26 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

Participate in the SSSI National Bushfire Recovery Map-a-thon on 9 February

Help our Australian colleagues and participate in this mapathon on 9 February 2020



Created on 2020-02-06 | Last modified on 2020-04-15

Prof. Dr. Dalal Alnaggar passed away on 2 February 2020

Prof. Dr. and former FIG Vice President Dalal Alnaggar

It is with sadness that we must inform that Prof. Dr. Dalal Alnaggar, Egypt, passed away on 2 February 2020. Prof. Dalal Alnaggar was well known and highly respected within FIG and it is a big loss for the international surveying community.



Created on 2020-02-03 | Last modified on 2023-01-05

FIG and MAPPING THE PLASTIC - Background and Mapathon

Plastic in rivers, river systems and deltas is a major problem. Commission 4 on Hydrograpy and the Young Surveyors work on how surveyors can contribute to this topic.



Created on 2020-01-24 | Last modified on 2020-06-18

Two new FIG Members

At its meeting on 17 January 2020, FIG Council approved Carlson Software as FIG Corporate Member and Real Estate Administration of Montenegro as affiliate



Created on 2020-01-17 | Last modified on 2020-04-15