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Collections of the Property Market Data for the Valuation Process – An German Approach in an International Context (4029)

Rene Gudat (Germany)
Mr. Rene Gudat
Research Assistant
Leibniz University of Hanover
Nienburger Straße 1
Corresponding author Mr. Rene Gudat (email: gudat[at], tel.: + 49 5117623389)

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Published on the web 2010-01-14
Received 2009-11-19 / Accepted 2010-01-14
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Congress 2010 in Sydney, Australia and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Congress 2010
ISBN 978-87-90907-87-7 ISSN 2308-3441


This proceeding deals with the three standard valuation approaches: the comparison approach, the income capitalisation approach and the cost approach. The focus of the consideration is on the comparison approach. The proceeding shows the requirements for the comparison ap-proach according to German and international valuation standards. On these requirements to the approach, requirements for the needed data are derived. To show the German situation this proceeding lists different data banks in Germany that include data on the land and property market. Public and commercial providers establish and maintain these data banks; all these providers focus on different aspects of the market. Not all of these data banks are con-structed to collect data used in the comparison approach. The different data banks will be evaluated in their suitability for the comparison approach. Although there is a large number of data banks, the number of data banks to be used in the comparison method is limited. In addi-tion, this proceeding will also consider the use of the data for the income capitalisation ap-proach and the cost approach. The proceeding will also name alternative purposes of data banks that collect information on the land and property market. Finally, requirements for a best possible data bank should be derived.
Keywords: Valuation; Germany; data bank for property market data; purchase price collection; valuation; comparison method