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Compression Techniques for 3D SDI (5579)

Chengxi Bernad Siew and Alias Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
Dr. Alias Abdul Rahman
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
3D GIS Research Lab
FGRE, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Johor Bahru
Corresponding author Dr. Alias Abdul Rahman (email: alias[at], tel.: + 60 13-7490452)

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Published on the web 2012-03-08
Received 2011-11-01 / Accepted 2012-02-02
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Working Week 2012
ISBN 97887-90907-98-3 ISSN 2307-4086


This paper discusses 3D compression techniques that have been developed over the last few decades. These techniques were often addressed in terms of geometry and connectivity compression. Basically, almost all techniques aim to provide solution for efficient 3D objects storage. Until recent years when the XML standard was introduced, then, various data sharing standards were being developed for various applications. One significant data standard for 3D city model is CityGML. Due to the nature of XML schema, problem arises for CityGML in terms of data size for sharing data within Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). The generic problem of the XML standard is discussed and this leads to various inventions of XML compression techniques within the computing domain. Since the data sharing activity over the internet is getting important, then, XML compression techniques able to provide solution for efficient data transmission over the internet where XML utilization in SDI and the importance of data sharing standard over the web service environment are really needed. However, customization of such techniques for the suitability of 3D SDI is required. This paper describes various data compression techniques that would be appropriate or suitable for 3D SDI domain, in order to achieve efficient transmission for minimum bandwidth usage as well as for the storage usage of 3D spatial objects. This paper also highlights some future works and the outlook of the intended research experiment within the 3D SDI framework.
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; compression; 3D SDI; XML; CityGML