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Establishing 3D Property Rights in Malaysia (5599)

Tan Liat Choon and Khadijah Hussin (Malaysia)
Sr Tan Liat Choon
Assistant Director of Survey
Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia
54-3-8, Teratai Mewah Condo
Jalan Langkawi,
Corresponding author Sr Tan Liat Choon (email: tanliatchoon[at], tel.: +60 164975551)

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Published on the web 2012-03-08
Received 2011-11-01 / Accepted 2012-02-02
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Working Week 2012
ISBN 97887-90907-98-3 ISSN 2307-4086


This paper present solution for reformulate, further improve and enhance the usefulness of the existing cadastral system and title registration of multi-layer properties in order to facilitate a modern Malaysian Cadastral and Land Administration Systems. A conclusion from the first International Workshop on 3D cadastres in Delft was that the concept of property mainly depends on the national legal system, where each such system has its own instruments for multiple use of land (Registration of Properties in Strata, 2002). A common definition thus does not seem to exist. Each researchers dealing with this term choose their own stipulated definition or description. The introduction of the concept of 3D property establishes a strong link between the real world and legal cadastral entities. With 3D property, which differs from on surface properties where there must be no gaps or overlaps in their boundaries, 3D property can be located above or below one another. In this paper, we are looking into the field 3D property and it rights as well as the categorisation of 3D property issues relating to rights. Besides that, we also give an introduction into 3D cadastre, the importance of 3D cadastre and the practical solution. Later, we present the 3D property type in Malaysia with an explanation on the land legislation framework, cadastral survey and registration in Malaysia. This paper discusses literature on good governance, e-government and intergovernmental coordination. Furthermore, this paper also includes discussions on the ways towards 3D property formation and the criteria associated with the establishment of Malaysian 3D cadastre for 3D property rights and the ways to achieve its implementation
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; Real estate development