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From Cadastral Background of Romania to the Present (7512)

Gheorghe Badea and Ana-Cornelia Badea (Romania)
Dr. Ana-Cornelia Badea
Associate Professor
Technical University of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Geodesy
Surveying and Cadastre Department
Lacul Tei Blvd., 122-124, 2nd District
Corresponding author Dr. Ana-Cornelia Badea (email: badeacadastru[at], tel.: +40212121208)

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Published on the web 2015-03-31
Received 2014-10-20 / Accepted 2015-02-07
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Working Week 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Working Week 2015
ISBN 978-87-92853-35-6 ISSN 2307-4086


Today Romania are in the situation to implement the general cadastre for the whole country as a necessity. The most important law generally applied in the field of cadastre is Cadastre and Land Registration Law no. 7/1996. General Cadastre System in Romania is an unitary and compulsory system for recording of technical, economic and legal attributes of real estate across the country. The main purpose of the General Cadastre System is to record real estate in the land register which is called Land Book System. To understand better the evolution of our registration system, in this paper will highlight first the historical background and the actual concerns. The cadastral activity in Romania can be described in stages, based on historical changes, for a better understandig of its evolution. In this paper we will emphasize the main periods of cadastral changes in Romania and we will point the particular aspects in the cadastral registration in present.
Keywords: Cadastre; Access to land; Legislation; History; land book; real estate