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Accessibility to Land Administration by Grassroots Stakeholders in Vietnam: Case Study of Vinh Long Province (7992)

Ngo Mau (Viet Nam), David Mitchell (Australia), Donald Grant (New Zealand) and Nicholas Chrisman (Canada)
Mr. Ngo Mau
PhD Candidate
RMIT University
School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences
RMIT University
Corresponding author Mr. Ngo Mau (email:[at], tel.: +61 3 9925 1132)

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Published on the web 2016-03-01
Received 2015-11-10 / Accepted 2016-02-01
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Working Week 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Working Week 2016
ISBN 978-87-92853-52-3 ISSN 2307-4086


The trend in modern land administration systems towards e-land administration aims at improving access to land information and services for all stakeholders. Vietnam is no exception in this trend. The government has made large investments to develop the land information and registration system with the strong support from donor-funded land registration projects. One aim of land registration and titling is to build a transparent land administration system. Most investments have focused on the development of a computerised system to improve land administration delivery services. However, there have been some technical and non-technical factors which have become barriers to the implementation of an effective land administration system in the country. This paper presents the perceptions of grassroots stakeholders of the land administration, and to the development of a modern land administration system in Vietnam. This research is based on a case study which investigates the challenges for development of a conceptual spatial data infrastructure to increase access to land information by all stakeholders in Vietnam.
Keywords: e-Governance; Land management; Access to land; land stakeholder perception; land administration; Vietnam