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Appraising Risk Mitigating Measures for Building Projects in Rivers State, Nigeria (9179)

Olufisayo Adewumi Adedokun, Isaac Olaniyi Aje and Oladele Johnson Agboola (Nigeria)
Mr Olufisayo Adewumi Adedokun
Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria
School of Environmental Technology
Department of Quantity Surveying
Corresponding author Mr Olufisayo Adewumi Adedokun (email: fisayoadedokun[at], tel.: +2348034784642)

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Published on the web 2018-03-10
Received 2017-10-01 / Accepted 2018-02-01
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Congress 2018
ISBN 978-87-92853-78-3 ISSN 2308-3441


Risk is inevitable on any construction projects and its ripples negatively affect the performance of construction industry, in terms of meeting its objectives or goal, thereby leading to time and cost overruns. This research therefore assessed the risk mitigating measures adopted in building projects with a view to enhancing projects performance in the study area. In achieving the aim, primary data were collected through administration of questionnaires on 284 key construction stakeholders comprising the clients, consultants and contractors that worked on completed public building projects. Out of the 284 questionnaires that were distributed, 158 were returned and found suitable for the analysis. Percentile was used for analyzing the demographics of the respondents while mean item score was used for ranking the identified mitigating measures. Kruskal Wallis H test was adopted for examining the differences in the sample means of different groups of respondents. The study revealed the most utilized risk mitigating measures in building projects were thorough detailing of the design coupled with the involvement of professionals and owners at the initial, planning and design stage of the project. The study therefore recommended that stakeholders should ensure thorough detailing of the designs, involvement of professionals at the initial stage of the project while commitment towards company-citizen social responsibility should be accorded high priority consequent upon the effectiveness of these measures.
Keywords: Building projects; Mitigating measures; Nigeria; Performance; Risk