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Evaluating the Environmental Impact of the Hoankiem Lake with Focus on Urban Development Planning by Using a DPSIR Framework. (9841)

Hung V. Nguyen (Viet Nam)
Dr.rer.nat Hung V. Nguyen
National Academy of Public Administration
77 Nguyen Chi Thanh str., Hanoi
Viet Nam
Corresponding author Dr.rer.nat Hung V. Nguyen (email: hungvn[at], tel.: +84 982002571)

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Published on the web 2019-02-28
Received 2018-10-01 / Accepted 2019-02-01
This paper is one of selection of papers published for the FIG Working Week 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam and has undergone the FIG Peer Review Process.

FIG Working Week 2019
ISBN 978-87-92853-90-5 ISSN 2307-4086


In recent year, the Government of Hanoi has built/promulgated many management policies on environment and urban development planning and increased investment for sustainable development. However, we are still facing/addressing the conflicts of environment associated with urban development planning such as the land-use change and its impact to people living in ancient streets around the HoanKiem lake. The obtained result, established by a DPSIR framework, can be used to evaluate the environmental impacts with focus on urban development planning, and as well as supported to policy makers for ‘good urban governance’. These indicators are divided into 5 groups such as Driving forces, Pressures, States, Impacts, and Responses. Major findings were formed by multiplying the weighed indexes, so the Governance of Hanoi should promulgate and execute legal documents of urban environmental prevention, and command/control waste water sewage by using economic instrument, and encourage the administrative/tourist buildings for applying the system of ISO 14000 in the attempt of saving energy and conserving cultural resources for sustainable urban development.
Keywords: Land management; Risk management; Environment; Urban planning; Governance; DPSIR; the HoanKiem lake