FIG Working Week 2020 provides a perfect opportunity to increase the awareness of your company or institute. A variety of sponsorship opportunities is available; however they are selling fast so act soon!

The FIG Working Week will bring together over 1500 surveying and geospatial professionals from across the globe, thus providing direct access to a diverse cross-section of highly sought industry stakeholders.

Sponsorship packages and exhibitor options are tailored to suit your marketing strategies and specific needs.

Sponsorship of the FIG Working Week offers opportunities to:

  • Network and build relationships
  • Promote your products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and explore new markets
  • Share information at a global level    

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FIG Corporate Members will be given priority booking preference until 30 November 2019.
FIG Corporate Member bookings will be confirmed in order of seniority within the FIG Hierarchy.
At the end of the priority booking period FIG Corporate and non-corporate member bookings will be allocated in order of receipt.

Sponsorship possibilities

A range of options are available to suit every marketing budget, from major sponsorships, special sponsor options to advertising.

PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP                                       € 25,000

We view our Platinum Sponsors as our partners in the successful execution of the FIG Working Week 2020 and will work alongside you to provide opportunities to promote your organisation through the prelude, during and after the FIG Working Week. This is a unique marketing opportunity and we are confident your participation in this prestigious event at this level will provide your company with exceptional commercial rewards. As a Platinum Sponsor, your company will benefit from the highest level of exposure.

GOLD SPONSORSHIP                            € 20,000

As one of the few Gold Sponsors of the FIG Working Week 2020, your organisation will enjoy an excellent specific level of exposure and we will constantly work alongside you to provide opportunities to promote your company before, during and after the event.

SILVER SPONSORSHIP         € 15,000

As a Silver sponsor, your organisation will enjoy a strong alignment with the FIG Working Week 2020 through the many opportunities for branding and exposure, prior to, during and after the event.


As bronze sponsor you will get a basic exposure and stand out from other exhibitors.  


No. available 4 4 6 8
FIG MEMBER - costs € €25,000 €20,000 €15,000 €7,500
NON FIG MEMBER - costs € € 27,500 € 22,000  € 16,500  € 8,250
Exhibition Space 12,5 m2 10 m2 10 m2 4 m2
Advertisement in programme book 1 page 1/2 page    
Company logo on conference bag *      
Conference bag insert Max. 5 pages leaflet/gift  Max. 3 pages leaflet 1 page leaflet  
Video played before plenary session up to 3 min      
Free a la carte – options* 3 2 1  
Banners in lobby/other areas 5 3 2  
Logo + hyperlink on conference website * * * *
Logo on/in programme book * * * *
Company description in programme book (words) 125 100 75
Company description in conference app (words) 125 100 75 50
Social Media Promotion (LinkedIn,Facebook) 4 3 2 2
Logo signage at the entrance * * * *
Full registration pass 2 1 1  
Exhibition pass 3 3 1 2
Use of conference logo * * * *
List of participants (depending on permission of the participants *      

*) The sponsor will provide materials at his own costs
Early bird rate (before 09-11-2019) gives 10% reduction

“A LA CARTE” OPTIONS - at a glance

Cost* No. Available
Conference Bag Sponsors € 3,000 1
Conference Bag Wrinting Pads and Pen Sponsor € 2,000 1
Conference Bag Insert Sponsor € 1,500 2
Conference Bag Gift € 1,000 2
Staff-shirt € 1,200 1
Lanyard-badge € 3,000 1
Footprints € 1,200 1
Plenary Session - Seat Drop Sponsor € 3,000 3
Newcomers' Session Sponsor € 2,000 1
Programme Book Advertisement - (Half) page ad   2
Lunch break Sponsor € 2,000 3
Coffee break Sponsor € 1,200 3
Afternoon Tea break Sponsor € 1,200 3

*) Cost of non-metal sponsors. The sponsor will provide the material.


(not included at the 'a la carte' sponsorship options) Cost No. Available
Welcome Reception Sponsor € 5,000 2
Gala Dinner Sponsor € 10,000 1
FIG Foundation Dinner - Dutch Evening Dinner   Trimble



(not included at the 'a la carte' sponsorship options) Cost No. Available
Field Trip € 1,500 1
Social Evening € 1,500 1
Charity Event € 500 1


“A LA CARTE” OPTIONS (detailed description)

Below you will find opportunities to enhance the visibility and association of your organisation with the FIG Working Week. The options can be used to top up your sponsorship package, or as separate sponsorship opportunity, depending on your marketing needs. Your final contribution to the conference determines your sponsorship level, which in turn provides you with more benefits. Most packages are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Each morning all the delegates will attend the plenary session where globally recognised experts will share their knowledge. Before each plenary session you will get the opportunity to place your flyer/leaflet/gifts on the seats of the participants. You as sponsor will provide the promotional material to the Local Organising Committee.


First time attendees are invited for an introduction session on the first day. This session is especially for first time FIG conference attendees. Help the newcomers to feel welcome. You as sponsor will provide the promotional material to the Local Organising Committee.


The Conference Programme will be the most essential publication for all attendees guiding them through the FIG Working Week. It includes information on presentations, exhibitions and other activities. Artwork to be provided by sponsor.


Your company logo will feature alongside the FIG Working Week logo (and platinum sponsors). Sustainability is a subject on the world agenda. We will give the participants the option to choose for a conference bag. The Local Organising Committee of the FIG Working Week 2020 has selected a special conference bag made of sustainable material. If you are interested in becoming a conference bag sponsor, get in touch with the LOC.


What is a pen without a paper! All delegates attending the FIG Working Week will receive official writing materials. All material must be provided by sponsor and approved by the Local Organisers/FIG Office.


Insert a leaflet/flyer into all delegate bags. The bags will be given out after registration at the registration desk. Sponsor to provide leaflet/flyer.


Insert a gift to all delegate bags. The bags will be given out after registration at the registration desk. Sponsor to provide gift.


What is a conference without staff? Sponsor the staff T-shirts. Our staff will wear conference T-shirts with your logo. Staff T-shirts will be worn by all on-site working staff excluding management staff. The sponsor logo will be printed on the front. T-shirts must be provided by sponsor and approved by the Local Organisers/FIG Office.


Lanyards will be assigned to every delegate together with their badge. All material must be provided by sponsor and approved by the Local Organisers/FIG Office.


Don’t look down. Or, you should look down. With these footprints, placed in the exhibition area you can direct the participants to your stand. Mark out the path to your booth using floor tiles leading attendees directly to you. Footprints to be provided by sponsor.

SPECIAL SPONSORSHIP (detailed description)


At the start of the event there will be a Welcome Reception for all participant. A great opportunity to stand out at the starting point of the event. You will get recognition during the Welcome Reception. Posting of signs provided by your company to be displayed during the Welcome reception. Promotion material must be provided by sponsor and approved by the Local Organisers/FIG Office.


At the end of the FIG Working Week a Gala Dinner will be organised. A festive event at a special location. Participants and accompanying persons will have the opportunity to attend the dinner, which provides your company an excellent opportunity to address the congress participants at large. This option includes:

FIG Young Surveyors “a la carte” (detailed description)

The FIG Young Surveyors Network would like to provide you with an a-la-carte sponsoring exclusive to help influence, grow and encourage the future of the FIG YSN by sponsoring the 5th FIG Young Surveyors Conference (5YSNC), which will be held on the 9th and 10th of May 2020 in the Volkshotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, prior to the FIG Working Week 2020 (FIG 2020).

FIG Young Surveyors “a la carte” elaborated

The International Federation of Surveyors Young Surveyors Network (FIG YSN) is an international community of innovative, young geospatial students and professionals who are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers and giving back to the community. Established in 2006, the FIG YSN has grown rapidly as a result of motivated members and continued support from FIG, FIG Foundation and generous sponsorship from both regional and international organisations.

The theme of the 5YSNC ’‘Reclaim the Future by Mapping the New World” will attract over 100 Young Surveyors from around the world, where the future of the profession will discuss technology trends, and the role that surveyors play in the spatial enablement of society. The meeting will attract a diverse group of young, enthusiastic professionals who will, or are already, leading the geospatial community into the future. The 5YSNC offers a unique opportunity for your organisation to build, strengthen and maintain your relationship with the future of the geospatial community.

Benefits to sponsorship of one of the tracks, tours or social functions with express reference to the sponsor: A workshop from the sponsor in the technical track, advertising space in pre-event newsletter and all YSN Social Media Platforms with outreach to over 15.000 Young Surveyors worldwide. The organization logo can be placed in the footer of e-mail messages sent by the organization to the delegates, on the banner of FIG Young Surveyors Main Sponsors, in the program of the meeting and in the slide during the opening session. A link to the organization website can be placed on the meeting website sponsorship page. Also organizations can place a brochure in the participant registration bag.

Other ideas?

If you have another idea how to promote your company or to increase your visibility during the Working Week, please contact the FIG Office to discuss the possibility.

Think about:

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