FIG Commission 2 - Professional Education

Working Group 2.2
Innovative learning and teaching / "Curriculum on the Move" 

Extend the work done by Commission 2 in the previous term which focused on Europe. This align with aspects highlighted in Masum et al (2017) Enhancing the Role of Surveyors: Bridging the Gap Between Demand for and Supply of Professional Education the working group completed a draft by December 2017, with key papers published in a peer reviewed journal late 2018.


  • To exchange and promote good practices in teaching and learning methodologies in professional education of the surveying and land professional. The aim is to capture the very best teaching that our members are doing and not currently writing about.
  • Increase our understanding of the challenges and trends and innovation in professional education. Contribute to the final Commission 2 report on professional education.
  • Exploring the needs of society and endorsing universities and other educational organizations to develop mechanisms and processes that will help to meet those needs.
  • Methods and content of education: To support and promote advances in learning and teaching methods and content of curricula with special emphasis on the impact of technology and learning styles on education.
  • Knowledge sharing. Promoting sharing of advances in professional education, research in surveying education and training and initiate joint projects (curriculum development, educational material development, joint courses, quality assurance etc.). Improving dissemination of information on educational theory and practice to the members across the world.
  • Continuing Professional Development. Encourage improved surveying practice through the promotion of continuing professional development (CPD) and the practical application of research, help surveyors continuously to update their academic and professional profiles.


Mohsen Kalantari, Australia

Specific projects

This working group will encourage members to publish and present on innovative learning, teaching and technology (both as used in industry and as used in education) applied to Surveying and Geomatics education. This includes, but is not limited to, student online peer assessments, rubrics, inter-grader reliability in marking of practical projects, personal reflective diaries, and development of ‘graduate attributes’ in surveying students.

FIG Commission 2 intends to support the FIG Council in designing dynamic technical sessions, use of innovative ways of reporting, organising challenging workshops and promote the online involvement and participation. This should be achieved by working together with Young Surveyors Network and the FIG Secretariat.


What we are working on -

  • Contribute chapters on surveying education trends and challenges to the Commission 2 report on surveying education.


What's New


  • Working Group 2.2 organised and chaired one session within FIG Working Week 2019.
    TS05B: Innovation in Surveying Pedagogy and Curriculum
    The aim of this session is to hear from examples of innovative teaching and learning, or advances in the development of surveying curriculum. The format will be 4 presentations followed by a discussion. These presentations explore innovative pedagogy to develop lifelong learning, learning related to big data, and examples of innovative curriculum development.
  • Three sessions were planned for the 2020 FIG Working Week that are relevant to this working group:
    • TS01A: Blended learning and innovations in professional education
      Blended learning is a key theme of FIG Commission 2 and this session highlights innovative practices in blended learning by the FIG community. 
    • TS02A: Innovation in Professional Education in Europe
      This session highlights innovative practices in professional education in Europe. These include how education is evolving, institutional approaches, the use of technologies in teaching, approaches to curriculum, and the role of industry in education.
    • TS05A: Responsible Land Administration Teaching Essentials
      This joint Commission 2 and 7 session involves presentations about the GLTN project – Responsible Land Administration Teaching Essentials: A structured knowledge base. FIG members were strongly involved in the development of this freely available online resource that can support curriculum development for teachers and trainers as well as self-learning. During this session this important online resource will be launched for the surveying community. The presentations provide an overview of the resource as well as describing four of the Modules.


Working groups 2.2 is a continuation of very important previous Commission 2 activities and is interested in innovation in teaching and learning.

Current activities and future plans

  • one session organized and chaired by FIG Comm 2 WG 2.2 within FIG WW 2019.
  • We made an unsuccessful Grant Application to GLTN and Arab Urban Development Institute “Implementation of The Activities Under the Arab Region Programme on Good Land Governance in Support to Inclusive Development, Peace And Stability: AOC 4: Capacity And Knowledge Development”. Outcome in August/September. However, we will continue to look for opportunities to develop capacity in academic and training institutions.
  • Planning for a session organized and chaired by FIG Comm 2 WG 2.2 within FIG WW 2020.