FIG Standards Network

FIG Standards Network


The Network is continuing the work of an FIG Task Force which was established in 1998 in response to concerns from the Commissions, the Council and the General Assembly that standards were becoming increasingly important in the work of surveyors, and that the issue was not being addressed sufficiently by FIG.

The Network's terms of reference are as follows:

  • Building and maintaining relations with the secretariats of standardisation bodies;
  • Proposing priorities on FIG's standardisation activities, including advising the Council on priorities for spending;
  • Setting up necessary Liaison relationships with standardisation bodies;
  • Ensuring that lead contacts to Technical Committees etc are in place;
  • Maintaining an information flow on standardisation to FIG members, including through the FIG website and FIG Bulletin, and more directly to relevant Commission Officers;
  • Maintaining the Guide on Standardisation and related material on the FIG website;
  • Working with other NGOs, within the framework of the MOUs signed by the Council; and
  • Advising FIG's officers and members on standardisation activities as necessary.

The Network sees itself as at the hub of FIG standardisation activity, making the necessary linkages and providing the necessary advice to commissions and others.

Official ISO Standard

After several years of intensive work, on 1 November 2012 the 'Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)' was approved as an official International ISO Standard. This is a milestone in the development of land administration systems.The proposal for this standard was submitted by FIG to ISO almost five years ago.