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March 2017 l FIG Update by Rob Sarib
Skills for the future

October 2016 l FIG Update by France Plimmer and William JMcCluskey
Property Taxation for Developing Economies

October 2016 l Smart Cities by Aidan Mercer, Bentley
Smart Cities need Smart Ways of Working

October 2015 l Press release
Recovery from disaster

September 2013 l FIG Update by John Hohol
Environment for Sustainability

June 2012 l FIG World by Markku Villikka
FIG Working Week, Rome

April 2012 l FIG World by CheeHai Teo, President of FIG
Spatially-enabled Society

Febrary 2012 l FIG World
Engaging the Challenge: Enhancing the Relevance

September 2009
FIG WW 2009 Conference Report

September 2007 l by Winnie Shiu
FIG Working Week 2017 Hong Kong

Febrary 2007 l
Message from the Chairman, Hak CHAN and Congress Director

July 2006 l ad
XXIII International FIG Congress