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Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd

Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd was established in December 2010. Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd is solution provider of 3D information space, which is to establish 3D information space with the extended human senses such as Laser point cloud (touching), CCD image(sighting), Sonar(hearing) and provide 3D geospatial information solutions integrated with advanced geospatial and/or geotechnical sensors , IoT, GIS as well as VR & AR technologies. More than 10 subsidiaries spread over China mainland.

On 30 April 2021 Dequing iSpatial signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Aquila Eyes Group of Tanzania - building a new bridget for China-Africa Cooperation in the field of surveying.
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Contact information:

Beijing iSpatial Co., Ltd
Room 6311, Huayuan Hotel
No. 30 Huayuan Dong Road
Haidian District, Beijing, PRC
Tel. +86 13911913997
Fax +86 10 60603415
E-mail ni.han[at]
Member Category: Basic level
Member no: CM-30060