FIG Commission 9 - Valuation and the Management of Real Estate


"FIG Commission 9 is focussing on the economic strand of surveying and specifically the valuation/appraisal of real estate. Commission 9 also looks at compulsory acquisition, sustainable land and property taxation, new technology such as AVMs, informal land markets, new sectors such as natural-ecosystem value and international standards such ILMS and IVSC valuation standards and methodology. Commission 9 is also engaged with numerous agencies such as World Bank, UN FAO, GLTN, and IFC. "

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What we do

For the term 2019-2022 FIG Commission 9 will be working on:

For the full work plan, please visit Work Plan 2019-2022
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FIG Working (from home) Week 2020 - Proceedings

May 2020

During the conference days a range of articles highlighting the hot-topics, the ground breaking research, and the hidden gems in the proceedings was published.

There were 3 technical sessions planed and a major initiative to contribute to a UN Habitat project focused on attempting to develop a manual and due diligence protocol for the ‘Valuation of Unregistered Lands and Informal Property’.  Read the article

FIG Working Week 2020 and FIG Commission 9

February 2020

Commission 9 is planning the following sessions:

Report to the General Assembly

March 2020

FIG Commission 9 has prepared a written report to the General assembly.

The full agenda is available

The General Assembly has been cancelled and postponed to 2021.



FIG e-Working Week 2021
20-25 June
- a virtual gathering of surveyors

May 2019

Commission 9 at FIG Working Week 2019

June 2018

FIG Commission 9 Newsletter 



FIG and ISO TC 307 - report from Working Group 9.2


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Meet the officers

Commission Chair

Mr. Ben Elder, United Kingdom
Contact: FIGCommission9 [at]

Working Group Chairs:

Manual and due diligence protocol for the ‘Valuation of Unregistered Lands and informal property’ (WG 1.1)
James Kavanagh, United Kingdom

Blockchain (WG 1.2)
Ben Elder, United Kingdom

Urban Challenges (WG 9.3)

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Delegates and Correspondents:

Each member association has the right to nominate a delegate to each of the ten technical commissions. In addition Affiliates, Academic Members and Corporate Members  are welcome to nominate a correspondent to each commission.

Interested? If you are interested to become a national delegate from your country, please contact your member association. The contact information of national delegates is updates by the FIG office. Any changes in contact information should be sent to the FIG Office.


This work promotes the careful consideration of a transparent, fair, fast and relatively cost efficient real estate taxation system that could be applied successfully in some developing and transitional economies. Read the publication    


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Term 2019-2022 

WG 9.1: Manual and due diligence protocol for the ‘Valuation of Unregistered Lands and informal property’
WG 9.2: Blockchain
WG 9.3: Urban Challenges

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FIG Pub. no. 67: property Taxation for Developing Economies

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Report, May 2020
Report, Hanoi, Vietnam. 2019
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