Conference and Seminar Proceedings

Africa Regional Network: Challenges and Opportunities in Facing the SDG’s

21 - 23 November 2017

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Program (pdf)

The list of presentations:

Day 1 - Welcome FIG Vice President, Diane Dumashie & INES Rector, Father Dr. Fabien Hegenimama

  • Session 1: Trends the nature of urbanisation/SD11. A changing and urbanising world…. “The world is becoming increasingly urban, the level of urbanisation is rapidly changing with 60% worlds population expected to live in cites by 2030”
    Session 2: The Nature of Infrastructure: Economic case for Infrastructure. What this means in the context of Urban- Rural linkages
  • Session 3: Trends The Nature of Good Land Governance - By Yaw Sam. Presentation courtesy of Ghanaian Institute of Surveyors Masterclass August 2017 PowerPoint by Prof. R.A. Ahene
  • Session 4: The Nature of leadership.
  • Session 5: continued: Delivery // Rapporteur Reflections: What you have heard and What will you do. Group Working

Day 2 - Opening: FIG Vice President, Diane Dumashie