FIG Peer Review Journal


The FIG Editorial Board has carefully selected a handful of recognised experts who we believe will provide competent, careful and objective reviews, which is essential for the quality assurance of the FIG conferences.

In this section you can find a list of reviewers from each FIG Conference.

We would like thank our reviewers for contributing to the quality of FIG’s peer review papers with the benefit of their expertise.

Benefits of being a reviewer -

The benefits of reviewing are diverse: from improving your critical thinking, giving and receiving feedback and gaining insights to improve your future publications. Reviewing is an essential skill to develop as a researcher

How to become a reviewer

If you wish to become a reviewer, or if you want to recommend someone become a reviewer, please contact the FIG Office.

Tips for a new reviewer

When accepting the invitation to review you are agreeing to provide a fair, robust and timely critique that is useful for the authors in improving their manuscript. Before you accept to review a paper, ensure you can submit within the time frame because slow review times are a source of frustration for authors. If, after agreeing to review, you find that you will not be able to complete the review in the agreed time frame, contact the FIG Office and let them know. If you have any conflicts of interest – for example, you work closely with the author or are in direct competition – you must declare these to the editor. If you are unable to accept the invitation to review, suggestions of alternative reviewers are welcomed by editors.