News in 2021

New Academic Member from Indonesia

February 2021


FIG has received an application for academic membership from  Institut Teknologi Somatera, dept of Geomatics Engineering, ITERA, Indonesia. FIG Council approved this application on 25 February 2021.

We welcome this new academic member to FIG.

 In 2014 Institut Teknologi Sumatera in Lampung as the new state-owned technical university. Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in Bandung has been directed to supervise ITERA for 10 years to develop and establish a high-class university and research in Sumatera Island. As of 2019 academic year, ITERA has 32 Study Programs, all in Bachelor (S1) level. Prior to the establishment, in academic year 2012, ITERA has opened 5 study programs in Bandung, to be taught alongside with ITB students. One of them is Geomatics Engineering (then Geodetic and Geomatics Engineering).

Please read more about ITERA here


Louise Friis-Hansen
27 February 2021