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FIG General Assembly 2021

The General Assembly 2021 will be different - in several ways

Just like the Working Week it will not be possible to meet in person for the General Assembly 2021. The General Assembly 2021 will therefore be held virtually. Please reserve the dates 20 and 25 June 2021. The General Assembly will as always be held in conjunction with the FIG e-Working Week that takes place 21-24 June 2021.

So be prepared for a week in the company of FIG...

The overall programme:

Before the General Assembly

The General Assembly Agenda will be sent out by email to all members around 1 May 2021 and will be published on the FIG web site. The agenda will include a possibility to comment and send questions to each agenda item. We will encourage all members to submit your comments. Since the General Assembly agenda from 2020 was postponed to 2021 all agenda items from 2020 will also be included.

Update reports will be attached to the agenda, and the responsible for the reports will be encouraged to also submit a short video presentation.

In 2021 there will be three different elections: Two Vice Presidents, Commission Chairs Elects and Venue 2025. Member association in good standing will be able to vote. So please make sure that you have paid your memberhip subscription.

To organise the voting each member association will be asked to inform FIG in advance of the official delegate who will be the direct contact person for voting. To ensure that there will be no technical problems, votings will not take place directly during the sessions but will start after the first General Assembly on 20 June 2021. There will be around 24-36 hours per voting round enabling all to vote. FIG Office will send out more information directly to all member associations closer to the General Assembly, including the actions that we ask from each member.

During the General Assembly

Each General Assembly day will consist of two sessions of each two hours, in total four sessions. The sessions will will not include reportings, but will instead be interactive debates including questions and comments from the delegates. We encourage you to submit your questions and comments in advance, but there will also be time for dialog during the sessions. Hopefully they will be lively and informative.

The elections will take place in the days between the two General Assembly days.

Overview of the General Assembly sessions:

Sun 20 June 21- 24 June Fri 25 June
9:00 – 11:00 General Assembly session 1
Presidents report
Financial report
FIG Foundation
General agenda items
Votings General Assembly session 3
Announcement of winners of election
Outcome from the conference days
TF Governance
Presentation and discussions
12:00-14:00 General Assembly session 2
Election – presentation of candidates – discussions with candidates
  General Assembly session 4
Commissions, Networks, Task Force, Permanent Institutions
Questions and discussions
14:00-14:30     Closing ceremony

It is possible to register only for the General Assembly, but we will encourage you to also participate in the Working Week conference days giving you the opportunity to meet with your international colleagues in a different but hopefully also inspiring way than normal. The Working Week will offer interactive sessions and also an exhibition and break activities in which you can connect with other participants, meet with the sponsors and exhibitors, get inspired, and get feel the FIG Community vibes. Registration fee will only be 100 EUR (early bird) and we hope that you will invite all your national members. Students and Young Surveyors will be able to attend bot the Young Surveyors conference on 15-16 May 2021 and will also get access to the FIG Working Week - for only 25 EUR. It is our hope that national members and universities will support the participation of your students in these events.

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Read more about the Working Week at:


Louise Friis-Hansen
28 February 2021