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Visit to Accra, Ghana for preparations for FIG Working Week 2024

9-11 January 2023, Accra, Ghana

FIG President Diana Dumashie, Director Louise Friis-Hansen and Event Manager Claudia Stormoen visited Accra, the lively, bustling, and sprawling capital of Ghana for the preparations for the Working Week 2024. It was a pleasure to continue the preparations and to meet a very dedicated and hard working Local Organising Committee (LOC). They have been working towards hosting the Working Week since 2017, when they won their bid. It has been a long journey, which was prolonged due to COVID-19. The Ghanaian local organisers should have hosted the FIG Working Week in 2021, but showed a real FIG spirit and generously offered the Dutch to take over the Working Week in 2021, since the FIG Working Week 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19.

The three days visit was dedicated to meetings, visits to see potential venues and gave the opportunity to visit the Minister of Land and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor.

In the morning of the first day the Steering Committee met. FIG was represented by President Diane Dumashie, Vice President Kwame Tenadu, Director Louise Friis-Hansen and Event Manager Claudia Stormoen. The locals were represented by the President of GhiS Rosemargaret Esubonteng and the President of LiSAG Samuel Larbi Darko, Co-conference Director Stephen Djaba, sub-co-conference director Humphrey Amegadoe, as well as Yvonne Danquah.

First item of the agenda was to sign the agreement between FIG, GhiS and LISAG.

From left: FIG President Diane Dumashie,  President of GhiS Rosemargaret Esubonteng,  President of LiSAG Samuel Larbi Darko and Director Louise Friis-Hansen after signing of the agreement.

The overall theme of the Working Week was discussed. Good governance, land management, environment resilience, people and planet were highlighted as topics that should be reflected by the overall theme. There will be further discussions on this in order to be sure that the right themes will be included.

The dates for the Working Week were decided: Sunday 19 to Thursday 23 May, and potential pre- and post events were also discussed.

In the afternoon, the local organizing committee members (LOC) were invited to join the meeting. LOC is represented by representatives from both member associations, GhiS and LISAG. Hereto the quantity surveyors and cost engineers, Ghana Lands Commission, the Young Surveyors, ministry representative from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, and the industry.

The diversity of the Local Organising Committee is an advantage and will secure that the Working Week programme will be broad and include many interesting areas. The LOC has been formed and the roles has distributed among the members. At the meeting we went through the planning that lies ahead and everyone was very engaged and came with great ideas for the Working Week.

On day two several potential conference venues were visited. The Working Week in 2021 should have taken place at the International Conference Centre in Accra, due to its size and capacity. Unfortunately, the Center is being rebuilt in 2023 and 2024, thus a new venue has to be found. A detailed assessment study will follow the visits which will assist the final decision.

In the afternoon we visited the Minister for Land and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor who ensured FIG President Diane Dumashie and the steering committee of their support, and said: the government will provide the necessary support for the hosting of the 2024 International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Working Week.

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FIG is looking very much forward to welcoming all in Ghana in May 2024, and to the preparations together with the Ghanaian Local Organisers with Stephen Djaba as Co-Conference Director, Humphrey Amegadoe as sub-co-conference director and Rosemargaret Esubonteng, President of GhiS and Samuel Larbi Darko, President of LiSAG as Steering Committee member and their dedicated Local Organising Committee.

Claudia Stormoen
26 January 2023