FIG Commission 4

FIG/IHO Technical Meeting held at the IHB

Monaco, 26 November 2004

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Captain Hugo Gorziglia (IHB), Director and Mr Adam Greenland, Chairman of FIG Commission 4 outside the headquaters of the International Hydrographic Organization.

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On the 26th of November, Mr Adam Greenland, Chairman of FIG Commission 4 “Hydrography” met with Captain Hugo Gorziglia (IHB), Director in change with the relations with FIG to discuss technical matters of common interest to both international organizations.

In the opportunity, an analysis of the IHO and FIG Comm 4 annual Work Program, as regard to matters covered under the MOU signed during 2004 was conducted. It was felt that the actions so far achieved by both parties are complementary and that this approach should continue for the benefit of international hydrography.

IHO was represented at the FIG Regional Meeting held in Indonesia, occasion in which a paper on the activities of the IHO was submitted. Also, IHO was present at the FIG Working Week in Athens, where an MOU was signed between the President of IHO and President of FIG.

UN and IMO Resolutions referring to hydrography were commented and considered to be a great tool to raise hydrographic awareness and improve its priority. Also it was agreed that it was important to follow the development of the recently established “International Federation of Hydrographic Societies”, an organization that could provide views on different matters of interest to FIG and IHO.

The meeting allocated great part to the exchange of views on Capacity Building matter. Mr Greenland was briefed on the IHO CB Strategy, CB Work Program and other initiatives under study. Mr Greenland agreed to explore the way in which FIG could go in support to this program, offering in advance, a keynote speaker for the seminars to be organized for National Hydrographic Committee Chairmen’s or equivalent national authorities.

Mr Greenland expressed the interest of FIG Comm 4 to participate in the S-44 WG as an observer. He confirmed the willingness to continue the support for the participation of FIG on the activities of the FIG/IHO/ICA International Advisory Board.

After analyzing the potentiality of S-55, Mr Greenland concurred on the need to prepare a paper representing in easy language, the economic importance of hydrography, and committed himself to prepare a draft document highlighting this important aspect.

Finally, public relations actions were discussed and it was agreed on the convenience to take advantage of all FIG events, as a platform to increase hydrographic visibility. Special mention was made to the following events:

  • FIG Working Week will take place in Egypt 16/21 April, 2005.
  • Regional Conference, an event that will take place in La Havana, 26/29 September 2005.

The one day co-ordination meeting was considered to be successful and it was confirmed the importance to have this event once a year.

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