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Two new FIG Foundation directors appointed

March 2022

At its latest meeting FIG Council appointed two new members of the board. Please meet them here:
Jennifer Whittal, South Africa

Jennifer is Professor of Geomatics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  She is currently chair of the FIG Africa Capacity Development Network, but is stepping down to take over this post due to her strong academic/scientific profile (see also news on Africa Regional Network). Jennifer has has been active in FIG for many years. 

Bryn Fosburgh, USA

Bryn has been Senior Vice President of Trimble for many years. Recently, he  stepped back from his full-time role with Trimble. Bryn has been a generous supporter and donor to the Foundation since 2002. 

The two new Directors are replacing Mike Barry who started as Director of FIG Foundation all the way back in 2006 and who has now resigned after these many years on board. The second director  David Mitchell who has been Director in 2019-2020.

President of FIG Foundation John Hohol states:

The focus of the FIG Foundation since its inception in 2001 has been to help build a sustainable future.

David Mitchell and Mike Barry, as Directors, have been key to the Foundation’s success. 

David Mitchell served as a Foundation director for two years, 2019-2020.  As Chair of FIG Commission 2, Professional Education, David was an important element in helping review and evaluate grant applications received by the Foundation.  As a director he was especially interested in helping students and young surveyors. The Foundation, FIG and the profession have benefited greatly from his experience.  David continues to serve the FIG community as FIG Commission 2 Chair.

Mike Barry served as Foundation director since 2006.  Mike set the standards for the academic requirements of the Foundation most especially the FIG Foundation PhD Scholarship and Academic Research Grant programs.  In 2018 Mike and Eva-Maria Unger, then chair of the FIG Young Surveyors Network, created two videos to assist grant applicants in writing grant proposals. In his 15 years on the FIG Foundation Board of Directors Mike helped ensure applicants were thoroughly evaluated and grants properly awarded.  In acknowledgement of his long-time service to both the Foundation and FIG Mike was named an FIG Honorary Member during the FIG Working Week 2021.

Thank you, David and Mike, for your dedication, contributions, and friendship.  I value all you have done, donating your time, experience, and knowledge.

I am very pleased FIG Council has accepted and approved my recommendations for new directors to the FIG Foundation Board of Directors.  Both candidates have excelled in their fields and will be bring their extensive expertise to the Foundation.

Bryn Fosburgh has been Senior Vice President for Trimble.  In March he stepped back from a full-time role at Trimble.  Having known Bryn for many years (as a Wisconsin native) I asked him his plans for the future.  He said he would like to continue mentoring, especially students and young surveyors, and become more involved in FIG.  Bryn brings many years of experience in working in the global surveying community.  His dynamic presentations during the first and second FIG Young Surveyors North American conferences were highlights of those meetings.  He also has extensive experience with foundation activities.  Bryn will bring his welcomed vast experience to the Foundation board.

Jennifer Whittal is Professor of Geomatics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  She is currently chair of the FIG Africa Capacity Development Network.  It is also gratifying to see a previous recipient of an FIG Foundation grant become a director.  Jenny’s submission, Capacity Building and Postgraduate Research in Land Tenure and Cadastral Systems in Southern Africa, was awarded a grant at the FIG Foundation Board of Directors annual meeting during the 2004 FIG Working Week in Athens, Greece.  During her education she studied under Mike Barry.  Jenny will add so much to the board.

With the addition of Bryn and Jenny I look forward to the continued success of the FIG Foundation in helping to build a sustainable future.  Thank you.

John Hohol

Over the past 20 years FIG Foundation has developed a strong profile and has helped many surveyors with their research projects, finalisation of ph.d. studies, Young Surveyor attendance of FIG events and other programmes.





Louise Friis-Hansen
30 March 2022