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New FIG Affiliate Member: LEPL National Agency of Public Registry, Georgia

August 2022

FIG is pleased to announce their new Affilliate Member from Georgia: LEPL National Agency of Public Registry Under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

The National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) is a legal entity of public law under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. It offers approximately 265 services to individuals or legal entities through the Public Service Halls, Community Centers, territorial offices and authorized users. It employs approximately 1800 persons.

NAPR was established in 2004, as the legal successor of the State Department of Land Management and the Technical Inventory Bureaus. It was an important step towards the sustainable development of the immovable property market in Georgia. Over the years, comprehensive reforms were implemented for the creation of a customer-oriented, transparent, safe and unified registration system. The main purpose of reforms implemented in legislative, institutional, administrative and technological directions was to simplify the registration procedures. NAPR embraces innovation and modern technologies to create products and services tailored to the current and future needs of Georgian public. NAPR was one of the first State Agencies to conduct real estate transactions on Blockchain.

Currently, NAPR is tasked with implementing a Nationwide Systematic Land Registration program launched by the Government of Georgia. As part of the Systematic Land Registration activities, NAPR conducts land surveys in selected areas, makes aerial and drone photography and conducts other works for creating a complete cadastral coverage of Georgia by 2024.

Starting from December 2022, NAPR launched a recruitment campaign to attract surveyors. While experienced surveyors were encouraged to apply, due to the lack of qualified staff on the market, prior experience was not required for application and persons with school diploma and with no prior experience in the surveying filed were authorized to apply. NAPR would cover the costs of training, certification, equipment and work gear for the recruits. More than 300 recruits have successfully completed the trainings process.

Other main activities of the NAPR include: i) Registration of immovable property rights; ii) Registration of public-law restrictions; iii) Registration of a tax lien / mortgage; iv) Registration of movable and intangible property rights; v) Registration of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities; vi) Registration of political associations; vii) Registration of economic activities; viii) Addressing of geographical features; ix) Recording immovable property cadastral data x) Topo-Geodetic and Mapping Activities. Additionally, from 2013, NAPR was tasked to coordinate the creation, implementation and development of national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) in the country. 

During the UN-GGIM meeting in New York in August 2022 representatives of LEPL National Agency of Public Registry Under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (NAPR) met with FIG President Rudolf Staiger.


Evelien Hertz
August 2022