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FIG President Elect Diane Dumashie attends VIII CLGE Conference "Blue Surveying"

27 October 2022, Sevilla, Spain

Left to RIGHT: CLGE Nicholas Smith, CLGE Vice President/ Chair of the WG Enrico Rispoli, FIG President-elect Diane Dumashie, CLGE President Vladimir Krupa, CLGE Director General Jean-Yves Pirlot,

At the invitation of CLGE President Vladimir Krupa, and CLGE Director General Jean-Yves Pirlot, FIG President-elect Diane Dumashie attended the VIII CLGE conference in Sevilla, Spain 27TH October. This was convened during the Colegio Oficial de Ingeniería Geomática y Topográfica (Official College of Geomatics and Topographic Engineering) (COIGT) TOPCART Congress, and seminars. In conjunction, FIG Commission 7 also held its 2022 annual meeting. Combined the three events gave a great opportunity for mutual networking.

CLGE General Assembly delegates, group photo in exhibition area. Photo Courtesy of COIGT/ CLGE

It was a pleasure for Diane Dumashie to be welcomed by FIG member, COIGT President Andreas Diez Galilea and Vice Dean COIGT, Ricardo Rodríguez Cielos, to the TOPCART 2022 opening events.  This event hosted by both COIGT and the Association of Technical Experts in Cadastre, Real Estate Property and Valuation (ASOTEX) together they presented the  XII International Congress of Geomatics and Earth Sciences 2022 which aims to present the scientific and technical advances in Geomatics and other related sciences.

TOPCART Banner, COIGT President Andreas Diez Galilea, CLGE President Vladimir Krupa. Photo Courtesy of COIGT/ CLGE

CLGE also held its General Assembly 27th to 29th October.  By invitation from CLGE President Vladimir Krupa, welcome words were given by President-elect Diane Dumashie, who was also warmly welcomed by all the CLGE attending members.
This year’s CLGE conference considered the theme of the Blue Surveyor.  CLGE Vice President Enrico Rispoli and Chair of the conference working group, ably helped by members of the working group, worked hard to design and deliver this year’s informative conference. 

CLGE Chair of the Blue Surveyor WG Enrico Rispoli. Picture Centre & right: Diane Dumashie, Blue Surveyor Presentation

The CLGE conference theme “Blue Surveying”  welcome address from CLGE President Vladimir Krupa highlighted that the “blue economy is already the economy of the future and it is not possible to launch a serious project on or related to water without a surveyor”. 

COIGT President Andreas Diez Galilea welcome address continued to set the tone, followed by opening remarks from Diane Dumashie’  presenting “The Blue Surveyor: People. Planet and Partnerships.   With key messages that the importance of the blue surveyor is found across all FIG disciplines, and mindful that the water resources needs careful stewardship this places the survey professional in a good place to address the multiplicity of the challenges in water resource management, further emphasising building partnerships with a range of fellow professionals in the blue economy sector.  COIGT President Andreas Diez Galilea also highlighted the importance that “the continuous professional development …will have to be characterised by adaptation to scientific and technical changes to the way we satisfy needs and solve problems… that hydrography and oceanography are also key issues of the 2030 agenda and SDG’s” .  This was very helpful expanded upon by  CLGE Head of International office, Maria Grazia Scorza overview of the relationship to the SDG’s.

The opening session concluded by CLGE Vice President Enrico Rispoli with a high impact presentation pulling together the climate change agenda and the ideals that the ‘blue surveyor’ should strive toward.  Notably the conference rationale characterised by Jean-Yves Pirlot statement “CLGE wants to take its responsibilities and invites all its members to take theirs. This is the key reason why the conference on blue surveying- Looking for water, caring for water has been convened.

CLGE, Blue Surveyor Conference Delegates. Photo Courtesy of COIGT/ CLGE

The main body of the conference addressed the theme through a well-designed combination of three targeted session. First, Water is precious; next recognising it is a threat accelerated by Climate Change; and finally, this led to the discussion on Capacity Building of our surveyor professionals.  The papers from the Congress can be seen at:  The format accommodated and provided ample time in between the sessions to peruse the TOPCART 2022 exhibition and importantly network with fellow colleagues. 

In conclusion; it is CLGE’s practice to ensure that the deliberations are captured as an output and agreed by CLGE members.  Accordingly, a conference statement, the Seville Declaration will soon be available on the CLGE web site. Above all, the deliberations and statement are in line with the theme of the upcoming FIG term: Surveyor serving society: People, Planet and Partnership.

Presentation by Diane Dumashie



FIG President Elect
Diane A Dumashie