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FIG General Assembly Agenda 2021

13 May 2021

The 44th FIG General Assembly agenda is out.
Join us on 20 and 25 June for the General Assembly which will this year be held online

The current situation that does not allow us to meet in person gives us a unique opportunity to test this virtual format and also to conduct a different General Assembly which we aim to make inclusive, inspiring, informative and interactive.

An online General Assembly also gives this special possibility for many more to participate - both official member representatives and all who have an interest in what FIG is doing.

The 43rd General Assembly 2020 was postponed due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. This means that the General Assembly agenda items for 2020 are still open and need to be adopted at this General Assembly 2021.

In October 2020 it became clear to FIG Council and the organisers of FIG Working Week 2021 that it would be unlikely to gather FIG representatives and participants from the profession from all over the world in the Netherlands in June 2021. The decision was made to transform the Working Week into a purely digital format inclusive the General Assembly – into the 1st FIG e-Working Week.

The positive side of the virtual format is that there are no costs for travel, visa, and accommodation and within the speed of light you can attend from all over the world! The only thing you need is a stable internet-connection. Between the different GA-sessions you can accomplish the normal daily business or be with your family - and attend the e-Working Week. Your attendance, and especially your active participation (questions, ideas, proposals and comments) are making the General Assembly vital and remarkable.

Four General Assembly Sessions

Session 1  “Presidents report and agenda items” - Sunday 20 June 2021
takes you through the General Assembly agenda. Since the agenda items from 2020 have not yet been adopted these motions are also included in this agenda for 2021, and you will find a link to the agenda items 2020.

Session 2 -Get to know your candidates - Sunday 20 June 2021
will introduce you to the candidates for the Vice President positions, Commission Chair candidates and destination for the FIG Working Week 2025.

Votings will start after this session

Session 3 - FIG Governance - Friday 25 June 2021
First in this session the results of the voting will be presented. Hereafter the session is dedicated to the Task Force on Governance; the report from the Task Force, and the response from Council. There will be discussions in breakout rooms on selected topics. Please send your comments and questions in advance.

Session 4 - The work of FIG - Friday 25 June 2021
FIG as an organization is very broad in its scope. We are active from grass-root level to UN. We are seen as an important international organization representing the field of surveyors. This session will highlight some of our achievements and involvements.  It is impossible to cover all. In this session we will hear from FIGs work related to Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), Land Administration Domain Model (LADM), international boundaries, African water governance, Surveying history, FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program (VCSP) and we will also celebrate 20 years of FIG Foundation

FIG Council encourages that you submit questions and comments in advance. This will help make the sessions relevant and that specifically your questions and comments will be responded to. It will be possible to ask questions during the sessions, but the more questions and comments that can be collected in advance the better we can structure and prepare in advance.

We ask for your active participation and that you:
  • read the agenda with its attachments
  • read about the procedure
  • Submit your questions and comments – members, individuals, persons with an interest in FIG… – you are all encouraged to submit:

Special information to member associations: Please submit in this second form the name and contact details of your official delegate. This is needed in order to vote. Read more under “Voting” and “Roll Call”.

Go to:

The General Assembly will take place together with the FIG e-Working Week 2021 - 20-25 June 2021

Read more about the e-Working Week and register now


Louise Friis-Hansen
13 May 2021