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FIG Vice President Kwame Tenadu Snr attends 6th Africa Regional Conference

11-12 November 2021, Kenya - online

I was invited by the Institution of Surveyors, Kenya to be a guest speaker for their 6th regional conference which took place on the 11th and 12th of November 2021. The theme was “Responding to the Challenges in the Land and Built Environment in the New Reality”.

The objective of the conference was to present an opportunity for the Countries of the East African region to share experiences on various subjects ranging from sectional properties, land information systems, new innovations in the land and built environment in the context of the new reality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and technology developments. A paneled session also discussed best practices in the new norm encompassing the following topics (1) Standards and Best Practices in Resettlement Action Planning (2) Use of land in Improvement of Livelihood and Resettlement programme; Perspective from World Bank; (3) Gender Mainstreaming in the Land and Built Environment; (4) The role of Building Surveyors in the Promotion of sustainable built environment and the best practices in building maintenance management in Kenya; (5) Innovations in real estate.

My presentation centered on

  • FIG support for “Fit for purpose” land administration – whose purpose? It’s all about PEOPLE – YOU
  • Land for wealth, not poverty - (stay focused on this value) in order to create opportunities for employment social and economic development
  • The challenges posed from incoherent policy advise across Africa by Consultants, Institutions and governments across Africa;
  • Unfair procurement practices – on land and development
    • overhyped specifications,                     
    • Unreasonable financial thresholds in tendering
  • Lack of local participation and capacity building
  • Walk away by companies with spurious excuses without any sanctions after failing to deliver on contracts
  • The cost and effects of Policy failures

Overall, the conference was well attended virtually and very useful case studies and the state of land administration across the east African region were highlighted with the adoption af a final declaration which was affirmed by participants. The next meeting will come off on 9th – 11th November 2022.

More information:
Land is Wealth-African Leaders




Kwame Tenadu
23 November 2021