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New Book: Leadership Transitions in Universities

Arriving, Surviving and Thriving at the Top

Written by: Tom Kennie and Robin Middlehurst

July 2021

Tom Kennie, director or Ranmore is an Honorary Member of FIG. He served as a vice president during the term 1999-2002. He has kept contact with FIG and has during the later years been involved assisting FIG Council in the strategy 2028 process.

FIG Office has received this book that is written by Tom Kennie together with Robin Middlehurst, emiritus professor of higher education at Kingston University London.

The book combines expert knowledge, experience and reflections from senior leaders to distil collective leadership experiences. It explores the realities of leadership at universities rather than the imagined and often unrealistic expectations and perceptions of how leaders should act. This key text is an informed insider's guide to leadership transition that will assist tallented individuals in considering whether to apply for, how to prepare for and how to take on the task of leading a university.

Apart from being a collection of leadership experiences to help universitites to be more successful, students to have great educational experiences and staff at all levels to have more fulfilling working environments, the book also considers how to avoid the emotional pain and suffering that can arise when leaders find themselves poorly equipped, unprepared, unable or unwilling to provide the sound and competent leadership that universities deserve.

Although the focus is on Universities, and the challenges leaders at the universities face, there are many common and thoughtful learnings in the book also for non-university people. Further to this, the book is spiced up with citations and examples that makes the book lively to read and the thoughts and ideas easy to follow.

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Louise Friis-Hansen
20 July 2021