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2nd International Land Management Conference

11-12 June 2023, Bristol, United Kingdom


The conference was hosted by LINK (Land-International Network of Knowledge) and held at University of West England (UWE) in Bristol. It included 40 speakers and some 280 participants from 59 countries including representatives of governments and public bodies from 22 countries, 20 NGOs, 6 professional bodies, academic and student attendees from 68 universities, and countless practitioners.

The conference was organised around four key themes:

  • Challenges and Experiences of Expropriation – Expropriation, eminent domain, compulsory purchase, takings, land grab. This issue is contentious and raises social welfare concerns now more important than ever. The theme looks at discussing practices, and social, political and economic tensions and experiences that inform improved decision-making.
  • (Co)Land Rights and Management – Collective, cooperative, communal land and property rights. From rights associated with residential, commercial or agricultural uses, to collective rights to natural resources. The theme considers the changing nature of the various types of (co)land rights and implications for their users, co-owners and others benefiting from social value they generate.
  • Financing of Land Administration – In many developing countries the land administration systems do not provide complete coverage with lack of financing is often raised as a key constraint. The theme seeks to identify how these financial constraints may be addressed leading to more sustainable longer-term solutions.
  • Building Capacity Development and Professionalisation – There has been enormous growth in knowledge-based products that can be accessed by the international land community. However, there remain key weaknesses in both the public and private land sector The theme looks at new and innovative ways to increase competence, build capacity and professionalism throughout the land sector globally.

Recordings, slides, and book of abstracts are available at the conference website
Please note that you first need to be logged in to LINK. If you are not a member yet, please use this link to join the LINK network:
The conference website also includes presentation of the organising committee consisting of Mrs.  Grazyna Wiejak-Roy and Prof. Jessica Lamond (UWE), and the three Visiting Professors at UWE: Dr. Richard Baldwin (iLand), Prof. Chryssy Potsiou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) and Prof. Em. Stig Enemark (Aalborg University, Denmark).


Prof. Em. Stig Enemark
July 2023