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"Commission 3 has the task of providing an international discussion and development forum to promote professional practice and standards in the field of Spatial Information Management.

In a highly interconnected world interoperability is an indispensable precondition for information exchange. Commission 3 considers interoperability to consist of legal interoperability (aligned legislation and legal meaning), organisational interoperability (coordinated processes), and technical interoperability. We focus mainly on technical interoperability of geospatial data: at system level (data exchange through networks, computers, applications, and web services), at syntactic level (common data formats defined for data encoding, decoding, and representation), at structural level (pre-defined data models, data structures, and data schemes), and at semantic level (common vocabularies). Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) provide ‘a framework of policies, institutional arrangements, technologies, data, and people that enables the sharing and effective usage of geographic information by standardizing formats and protocols for access and interoperability."

What we do

For the term 2023-2026 FIG Commission 3 will be working on:

PDF: Work Plan
VIDEO: Chair of the commission Sagi Dalyot takes you through the work plan


Chair of FIG Commission 3:
Sagi Dalyot, Israel

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11th International FIG Workshop on LADM/3D
11-13 October 2023, Gävle Sweden

Commission 3 Workshop and Annual Meeting
4-6 December 2023 Tel Aviv, Israel

FIG Working Week 2024

19-24 May 2024 in Accra, Ghana

Commission 3 workshop and Annual Meeting

4-6 December 2023, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Held in conjunction with the international Ramon GeoInt360 conference, which promotes the Israeli Geo-Intelligence ecosystem worldwide. The Commission 3 workshop theme is “Mitigation Strategies for the SDGs: Harnessing Spatial Information”.
We encourage you to use the VIP early bird tickets, available until 15 September (tick the FIG3 box when registering).
Call for papers
NB-Registration fee is waived for authors of accepted abstracts (one author per abstract)

Commission 3 at FIG Working Week 2023

FIG Working Week 2023 took place 28 May - 1 june 2023 in Orlando, Florida.
Commission 3 had organised several sessions in the tehcnical programme and held its annual meeting during the conference days. At the General Assembly the Work plans of all commissions were presented

> Work plan
> Video presentation of work plan
> Proceedings/Technical programme
> Annual meeting [handouts
WG1 [handouts]
WG3 [handouts]
WG5 [handouts]

The 11th International FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model / 3D Land Administration

11-13 October 2023, Gävle, Sweden

hosted by University of Gavle, in cooperation with Lantmateriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority). The Land Administration Domain Model is gaining recognition in many countries. Ten years after the publication of the first edition, there are already country profiles from many countries - of which a large number have implemented (or are implementing) LADM
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Meet the officers

Commission Chair

Dr. Sagi Dalyot, Israel
Contact: FIGCommission3 [at]

Working Group Chairs:

Commission Chair
Sagi Dalyot, Israel
dalyot [at]
Vice Chair of Administration
Cemal Özgür Kivilcim, Turkey
kcemalozgur [at]
Chair of Working Group 3.1 Geospatial data: professionalism, technology, and services
Markus Schaffert, Germany
markus.schaffert [at]
Chair of Working Group 3.2 Urban challenges in developing countries (joint WG with Commission 9
David N. Siriba, Kenya
dnsiriba [at]
Chair of Working Group 3.3 GIS for sustainable (geo-)spatial planning (joint WG with Commission 8
Enrico Rispoli, Italy
e.rispoli [at]
Chair of Working Group 3.4 LADM and 3D LA (joint WG with Commission 7)
Peter van Oosterom, The Netherlands
P.J.M.vanOosterom [at]
Chair of Working Group 3.5 Geospatial next (joint with the Young Surveyors Network)
Cemre Şahinkaya, Germany
cemresahinkaya1 [at]

Delegates and Correspondents:

Each member association has the right to nominate a delegate to each of the ten technical commissions. In addition Affiliates, Academic Members and Corporate Members  are welcome to nominate a correspondent to each commission.

Interested? If you are interested to become a national delegate from your country, please contact your member association. The contact information of national delegates is updates by the FIG office. Any changes in contact information should be sent to the FIG Office.


This FIG report sheds light on several areas where geospatial data can be particularly useful in supporting the path to sustainability in the 2020s, for spatial land use planning and health monitoring, with data collection through voluntary geographic information, with attention to diversity and inclusion, and by providing information on property, including property values. Read the Publication    
The study was focused on the current state and practices within the land surveying, mapping and geo-science communities, on practical as well as theoretical levels.
Read the Publication
Many 3D Cadastral activities have been conducted during the past two decades: six FIG 3D Cadastres workshops, sessions at FIG working weeks and congresses, three special issues in international scientific journals, four terms of the joint commission 3 and commission 7 FIG Working Group on 3D Cadastres. Website


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Working Groups

Term 2023-2026 

WG 3.1: Geospatial data: professionalism, technology, and services
WG 3.2: Urban challenges in developing countries (joint WG with Commission 9
WG3.3: GIS for sustainable (geo-)spatial planning (joint WG with Commission 8
WG3.4: LADM and 3D LA (joint WG with Commission 7)
WG3.5: Geospatial next (joint with the Young Surveyors Network)

Work Plan


3D Cadastres

FIG joint commission 3 and 7 Working Group on 3D Cadastres since 2000

FIG Publications

FIG Pub. no. 78: Geospatial Data in the 2020s - Transformative Power and Pathways to Sustainability

FIG Pub. no. 73: The Land Surveyors Role in the Era of Crowdsourcing and VGI

FIG Pub no. 72: Best Practices 3D Cadastres

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